NEW Captain Joseph Myers and his Lockheed P-38 J Lightning NEW

Lt. Charles McGee and his North American P-51 Mustang

Kapitan Vitaly Ivanovich Korolev and his La-7

Wing Commander William Pitt-Brown and his Typhoon IB

Flt/Lt. Desmond Ibbotson and his Spitfire MK XI

P/O Kenneth "Hawkeye" Lee and his Hurricane MK Ia

A MiG-3 from 162nd IAP

Lieutenant Richard W. Orth and his Republic P-47 D-30

A P-400 Aircobra from 601 Squadron

Podpolkovnik Boris Nikolaevich Yeryomin and his Yak-3

Frank D. Talcott and his North American P-51 Mustang

Major George E Preddy and his North American P-51 Mustang

Mayor Grigoriy Andreyevich Rechkalov and his Bell P-39Q-15 Aircobra

Captain Michael C. McCarthy and his Republic P-47 D-27

Flt/Lt Adolphus "Sailor" Malan and his Spitfire MK Ia

Capt. John J. Voll and his P-51D Mustang

Lt. Robert E. Bernhart and his P-51D Mustang

Sqn Ldr Denis Crowley-Milling and his Typhoon IB

Major Pierce "Mac" McKennon and his P-51D Mustang

Major Robert S. Johnson and his Republic P-47 D-21-RE

Flt/Lt William "Ron" Cundy, Sattler and his Spitfire MK VIII

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