Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-14/AS

Black 1 of 11./JG 3, flown by Leutnant Karl - Heinz Willeke, Schachten/Germany, 2 December 1944

After combatting the Allied on the invasion front III./ JG 3 "Udet" was posted to the Reichsverteidigung on 24 November 1944 under the command of Hptm. Karl-Heinz Langer. During two months of batteling in the Home defense the Gruppe, before transferred to the Eastern Front just manage to claim 17 Allied aircraft, losing 31 of their Bf 109 in air combat. One of the numerous pilot losses in this period was the Staffelührer of the 11./JG 3, Lt. Karl-Heinz Willeke. On this winter day Willeke with his Staffel took of on an Alarm-Start to intercept enemy aircraft in the Remegen area. During the ensuing combat with a P-47 Thunderbolt´s from 56 FG of the 63 Fighter Squadron in the area between Lumda ­ Stangenrod and Atzenhain, his aircraft was hit. With his engine on fire Lt. Willeke had no other option than to make an emergency landing at Erndtebrück. After he belly-landed his Messerschmitt he was engulfed in fire and smoke and substained severe burns. After help arrived Karl-Heinz Willeke was rushed to Giessen hospital for immediate treatment, but he succumbed to his wounds and passed away later in that evening.

This profile and text is from my latest profile book "Luftwaffe Fighters. Profile Book No 6"


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