Profile no 100. Focke Wulf Ta 152 H-1

Flown by Obersleutnant Fritz Aufhammer, Stab/JG 301, Stendal/Germany, 22 March 1945

On this day, Kommodore Fritz Aufhammer, flew this machine to the Focke-Wulf factory at Rechlin for a Ta 152 meeting. To survive the trigger happy German Flak crews along the way, flying a new and unfamiliar type, he ordered that the machine be painted red. The meeting didn´t go well and a frustrated Aufhammer ended it with the following words; "I don´t care about your problems, you can kiss my ass! I need those machines now!"

The text and profile is from my new profile book, Luftwaffe Fighters Aircraft, Profile Book No 3

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