Dear customer,

Due to the increased cost of the book printing process to include the paper itself, I am unfortunately forced to raise the prices of my books from January 1, 2022.

My steady customers may have noticed that I have not changed the prices of my books for the last nine years, despite the fact that I have experience an increase in cost of close to 20 percent. The new prices, beginning in January of 2022, will be 44 Euro (earlier 40 Euro) for my Aircraft profile books and 25 Euro (earlier 22 Euro) for my Panzer books.

That is to say I have to charge you as a customer another 10 percent. Unfortunately, over the same period, the shipping cost have increased by another 21 percent.

I am really sorry of course that I must make these adjustments. I hope however that my trusty buyers recognize that my books during this period have improved significantly, particularly the historical text. So hopefully, that will be a forgiving aspect to an unavoidable situation.

The new price for my Aircraft books is as follows:
44 Euro, 50 USD, 38 GBP, 64 CAD, 70 AUD and 450 Sek/Nok

The new price for my Panzer books is as follows:
25 Euro, 28 USD, 22 GBP, 36 CAD, 39 AUD and 250 Sek/Nok


Claes Sundin/Centura Publishing AB


© Claes Sundin 2022