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Profile book No 10 is excellent. From the introduction till the last page. This is remarkable how Claes succeeded from book to another to assure an very interesting introduction. I've find the introduction very catchy. Pilots of the Luftwaffe are covered in every aspect. From duty and looses to drugs and fear. And with the testimony of the veterans it resound even deeper. Again I had the "wahou" effect looking at the profiles! They're juste beautiful! Great attention has been given to details. Wears and durtying with stains, smudges and patches is really good looking. It's really give a feeling of reality. With every profile is a extensive caption that deserved to be read. Every caption is very informative, giving a context to every profile. So, once again, it's another excellent book. I've just finished reading it and I am already looking forward to read the next two volumes!

Mr. Sundin has done it again! Profile book No: 10 sets a new high mark for the study of Second World War German fighter aircraft camouflage, markings and the pilots that flew them. I really enjoy the accompanying narrative that goes along with the profiles. They are all excellent. I will be enjoying this recent addition to my library for many years to come, and I look forward to Profile book No:11 and 12. A must have for historians and modelers alike.
Lorne / Canada.

My opinion on Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft Profile Book N ° 10: This book is perfectly in the excellent line of the previous works of the series, with profiles always so fabulous of realism and authenticity, the best aircraft's profiles of the Luftwaffe. All the profiles are always of great interest, illustrating all types of hunters on the different fronts and covering the whole war, with even more than 50% of profiles never published. This book also presents the interest of being enriched with very detailed captions on the pilots and extremely informative (with the identification of their pilots). This book, like the previous ones in the series, is an unmissable reference for all fans of WWII aircrafts and model makers. This is why I am impatiently awaiting the next 2 volumes which promise to be just as exciting.

Didier / France

Today the book is in arrived in order, it is fantastic.!

Jozef / Slovak Republic

I have my copy of your last Volume of the Luftwaffe Profile Series book. I am fascinated and I can't wait for the release of the future number 11 and 12 volumes of the series.
The book is plenty of many never seen profiles, those cover almost all the WWII period. I would lik to highlight the homogenous coverage of every war years without concentrate in a specific time. Personally, I am very happy to see for very first time, a so high quality profile of last plane flown by Walter Oesau. Finally I would like to mention the quality of the research and text that came with each profile. Very, very informative and an added value to put in context the plane and the pilot in the history. Claes, you did it again
Best regards and I waiting for more news about your work

Hector / UK

Today I received your new book. I highly recommended for all Luftwaffe fans. As always, a perfect work, many new profiles, well-known and lesser-known aircraft. For the first time I see a correctly reproduced profile Me-262A-1a flown by Heinz Arnold. This A/C is probably the only Schwalbe with a kill marking. Absolutely great is the Fw-190A-7 flown by Klaus Dietrich with remarkable kill marking on rudder. Each profile is a "feast" for my eyes. I'm already looking forward to your other books. Best regards.
Ales / Czech Republic

I am always looking forward to Claes' new books, mostly because of the superb drawings which you'll find in no other publication. Over the time the text material of his books has increased both in quantity and quality and in the 10th volume it has reached a new height. It is fabulous to read about the stories of the individual pilots and I can only imagine the countless hours of research that go into each single story. Keep up the excellent work, Claes and put me on the list for books 11 and 12! ;-)
Thierry / Luxembourg

I was looking forward to this publication and I'm excited. Gradually, I also buy older issues. His research and interpretation of camouflages are very useful for my models. I like it. You must have. Thank you Claes
Peter / Slovak Republic

Claes Sundin's latest profile book arrived today and it certainly lives up to my expectations. I have all of his Luftwaffe profile books and this is a welcome addition. Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft Profile Book No. 10 contains 130 profiles spanning the time from 1939 to 1945. I have been a Luftwaffe researcher for almost 60 years and some of these profiles are certainly new to me while others are a welcome clear interpretation of a low-quality photo. Each profile is accompanied by a very informative caption and history of the unit or pilot. I eagerly await the publication of Books Number 11 and 12 to be publish later this year and early next.
Del / USA

Book No. 10 illustrates how Jagdwaffe and its fighter planes evolves thru out war. Pilots who survived changed as a person, fighter planes get faster and deadlier as time progressed and camouflage and markings varied thru seasons, theatre of war and war situations. Book 10 has a good mixture planes of the ace pilots and rank and file soldiers. Real interesting captions. New thing was RLM color information for many of the profiles. I find it very useful reference for my future plastic model making. Visual and colorful book. Best aviation book 2021 so far!
Aleksis / Finland

I was overjoyed to see your book in the mail today. I can't tell you how simply stunning these new/older profiles are in Book 10. The extensive stories behind each profile must have taken an enormous amount of time too compile. Serious efforts behind each profile. The amount of detail on some of the updated profiles and obviously the newest profiles, I have never seen this sort of detail ever provided like this until now. The people buying your profile book #10 will be greatly satisfied for doing so. I'm already looking forward to volumes #11 and #12 however, I still have many more hours, days and weeks to finish what Im reading and looking at now! Congratulations on this newest profile book number 10! Brilliant efforts all the way around and for sure your best efforts to date.
Troy / USA

Just the new profile book on my hands, as usually excellent service. And also as usually each book is improving over the previous ones, the selection of the profiles, the artwork and the captions are excellent and as a modeler at 1/72 scale is always a "problem" as all books are excellent sources of new material to do several models. I don't now really which is the limit on the quality on your work, just waiting for the next ones.
Jose Luis / Spain

This is the 15th book of profiles by Claes Sundin which I have purchased: 12 of aircraft and 3 of German armor. I am always excited for each new volume to see what he has come up with, and once again, he did not disappoint! This is another collection of outstanding profiles, all of which are extremely sharp and detailed. Many unit emblems, along with personal and victory markings are provided in larger detail, several of which I have not seen before. The aircraft camouflage schemes are incredible, and some of them are definitely atypical. For each profile there is information about the plane and pilot, and this is an area where Claes continues to improve as he keeps providing more details. A fantastic book once again and I am eagerly awaiting the next one! Cheers!..... Marc / USA

Now you have surpassed yourself, Your book number 10 is super ...The binding and paper are as usual, first class. I especially like your background on the cover with "lacquered sheet metal in RLM 78 and RLM 79 color that has partially released in the joints". The chapter on Jagdwaffe is very good, describes for us how it was in Luftwaffe and how the young pilots experienced it. And yes, the aircraft profiles are just wonderful, although we are the ones spoiled with ..... we who may have had the privilege of buying your previous books. What pleases me most are your descriptions, both of the pilots who flew the current plane and the time in question, and the situation at the various war scenes where they were when it happened. And you have selected many pilots who are not so famous or aces at the beginning of the "career". You give a picture in your descriptions, that there were very many pilots who did not get to experience when the war ended, and not just of the aces that we have mostly read and heard about. I understand that you have put a lot of time and effort, and research to be able to give us a complete picture of the aircraft as it was and looked at a certain time. Thanks Claes. now I look forward to the next book.
Janne / Sweden

This new book (profile book 10) is another superb work of Claes. Again, you can enjoy every page of the book. All profiles are accompanied by very complete captions that in themselves could be another book. I can't choose a profile because they are all superb. Every new book from Claes (although it is difficult) it is a little better than the previous one and the profiles are really "top". Indeed for me Claes draws the best aircraft and tanks profiles I have ever seen. So, kudos Claes. You did it again. Waiting for the next ones.
Eduardo / Spain

Highly recommended ! i have collect all Claes works and the 10th book of Aircraft Profiles is in my opinion the best of the series. Unusual and rare subjects, serious and strict historical research, exact camouflages and wonderfully printed. A real must for the modeller and the aviation enthusiast. Once more i look forward the next one !!
Ferdinando / Italy

I have to admit that Claes has outdone himself again! Starting with his biography and foreword it goes on with different aspects of Luftwaffe pilots up to a color table and size comparison. This is followed by 130 profiles of Luftwaffe fighters from the beginning to the end. The quality of the drawings is excellent, even the smallest details are clearly visible and interesting excerpts are larger again at the top. The color shading of the different types is very well implemented, as is the weathering and signs of wear. With this quality and level of detail, it comes, in my opinion, very close to reality. Certainly there will be discussions about the colors but that is to be expected. There is a detailed and very well researched description for each profile. Also the workmanship and quality of paper is excellent. Clearly a book that should not be missing in any collection of model makers and enthusiasts! I'm very excited about the following volumes.
Thorsten / Germany

I have received the book today, thanks for this magnificent book again, the artwork are stunning good you are so closely to the perfection en the subjects are always one big surprise, i can not wait for the next profile books to come n° 11 + 12.
Toni / Belgium

I have just received Profile Book No. 10. In the foreword Claes Sundin states that this book is his best work to date. It is difficult not to agree. After an introduction of the Jagdwaffe pilots and a brief overview of RLM colors, there are 130 outstanding profiles of Luftwaffe fighter aircraft from 1937 and onwards to 1945 accompanied by informative texts. The quality is simply astonishing. Most likely there will be some discussions on individual profiles ­ the JG 54 greens and browns, for example, remain something of a mystery ­ but the overral quality is unsurpassed. Personal favorites are Emil Lang´s FW 190 A-6 ("backdated" to an A-5 through the removal of the outer cannons) and Walter Oesau´s Bf 109 G-6/AS. A must have for all aircraft enthusiasts! I am already looking forward to Profile Books No:s 11 and 12.
Fredrik / Sweden

I am very pleased with Profile Book No. 10. Claes has once again surpassed himself with 130 perfect profiles with exhaustive text. I would like to pay special attention to the "weathering" of the very carefully executed profiles as well as the reproduction of the different shades of the camouflage colors. Very impressive! It should also be added that binding, printing and paper are of the highest class. I really recommend the book.
Jonas / Sweden

The new book arrived today in perfect condition. Like for the previous books, I find the choice of subjects excellent and the extensive captions very informative and useful. Most impressive, though, is the fact that the quality of the artwork has again been raised and the profiles are truly stunning! The attention to even the tiniest detail of the airframe itself or its painting is unsurpassed by any other artist in the field. The aircraft's appearance looks to me exactly as what the real thing would have looked like in the field, given all the wear and tear, weathering influence, repairs and so on. I can only describe this as perfect photo realism what you achieved there!!! As to the actual or 'correct' color shades we will in my opinion never know in many cases what they were really like ­ either before or after application to the aircraft. I find this issue is somewhat overweighted sometimes.

Claes Sundin has done it again with his 10th Profile Book. 130 stunning new profiles of Luftwaffe fighter aircraft. Well researched with informative texts on each profile. 136 pages in beautiful color on the best paper that there is. Strongly recommended!

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