My new profile book has already received fantastic reviews and here follows some of the comments from buyers all over the world:

Really great piece of art, this one is my favourite so far. So many well known schemes...

Thank you very much and keep up the fantastic work!

Bernhard Friedrich/Germany

The third book in Claes Sundin's Profile Series is his best yet! As always, the profiles are superbly done with fantastic detail, but this time he has included more supplemental information for each profile. There are lots of extra drawings of personal and Gruppe/Staffel markings and many of the top German aces have planes featured. Anyone who is serious about aviation artwork, aircraft modelling, and/or the Luftwaffe must add this to their collection. A truly magnificent book!
Marc Tavasci/USA

Feedback for the Luftwaffe fighter aircraft profile book no 3. To put it simply. It`s years best book. You wrote somewere that you do books that you would like to read. I have a modelmaker backround so I love your profile choises, because most planes are those of the ace pilots.
It would be great, if you make a book about nachtjagd and second one about zerstörer flugzeug.
Aleksis Konttinen/Finland
I just received your Profile Book No. 3! Flipping thru the pages brings only one word to my mind: G-R-E-A-T!!! This is for sure your best work by far! Please keep up the good work!

Sebastian Meyner/Germany

Received Profile book no 3 and must say that there are some absolutely fantastic detailed profiles you have managed to get to your best book so far
in my opinion, all the foregående.Plus for supplementary text under each profile.

Frank Lockert/Norway
Regarding the book itself, its quality standards are as good as ever. I consider the size comparison of planes at the beginning of the book quite useful. As a suggestion for forthcoming books maybe a brief note or sketch about the upper surfaces pattern colors -when known- at each profile could be also of great interest, specially for modellers like myself. Accept my best regards and my congratulations for your great work.
César M. Martín-Sáez/Spain

The book arrived today and after looking through the pages of the third book in the series you've managed to not simply maintain the great standard but raise the bar. The great selection of profiles including a mix of Luftwaffe standards with some unusual variants and even the odd controversial subject will no doubt spark many conversations and debates with modellers and historians alike.

Congratulations on another wonderful release, with books like this, it's hard to grow tired of Luftwaffe subjects.


Martin Reid/Australia

A few days ago your profile book no3 arrived, a beautiful, well produced book. I like very much that there are again comments about the aircraft and the pilots! Some profiles are familiar from previous profile books, but they are improved. One example ist he Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-8 from Paul Lixfeldt, which looks more authentic then some years ago.

Congratulations to your new book and I'm looking forward tot he next profile book!

Harald Dorner/Austria

I received your new LFA profile book No.3 in the post yesterday evening. Outstanding work, truly your best work to date. The aircraft profiles are fantastic. And the small historical footnotes are great, it gives an additional dimension and quality to each aircraft.

Derek Gibbons/Australia

The profiles are again an eye opener and I'm looking forward to following

Peter Schmid/Schweitz

I have recieved today your new booklet Profile Book No. 3.

Being very impressed I can spontaneosly state that the tonal interpretation and layout of the paintings is a very strong point and gives a persuasive illusion of the real aircraft you want to depict.

You have steadily inproved in this point over the years and I classify your work now with a grade of 1+.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Dr. Georg Menke/Germany

Today I received your new book - excellent work, thanks
All the best.

Ales Ehrensberger/Czech Rep.

I´ll just received your newest publication Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft volume three and I just wanted to congratulate you. The book is superb. The illustrations are stunningly beautiful and set a new standard for Luftwaffe aircraft art. I look forward to (many) future publications.

Best wishes,

Lorne Wapplaer/Canada

I got the book and it is awesome, The profiles are seriously cool :) . I specially like the info under each profile and how you explain all of the planes markings, love it many thanks.

Gudmundur Haraldsson/Iceland

Thank you for the lovely book that came last Thursday.
Now I have enjoyed the weekend at me to get to revel in all the fine profiles you worked together.
Of course I am not disappointed, I think you outdone yourself again. This is a book that must have if you are interested in the Luftwaffe, that is for sure.
Very interesting that you are able to update and refine some profiles, thanks to new materials. I know for myself that it is not easy to interpret sometimes badly exposed black and white images might additionally taken with filters that were not uncommon then. I hope that you reach out to everyone out there.

Michael Åkerström/Sweden

I received your wonderful book, thank you very much.

Bernd Barbas/Germany

The book arrived yesterday. Thank you very much for the autographed copy!

Very nice! The camouflage patterns on the profiles in this book seem smoother and more natural than before in your earlier (still excellent!) profiles.

Russell Fahey/USA

I have received your book...great quality...makes me think about proposing posters big size ones :) even views from up or down maybe a poster big size with one plane all 3 or 4 views and a historical note of the plane...

Keep up the job...

I will buy more books from you.

Bogdan Radulascu/France

iGreat! I've got it!
Many thanks for this excellent book and for the dedication by the way :-)
Your profiles are really Splendid!!!
Captions are a welcome addition.
Best regards,

Antoine Nikollag/France

TI've just received the book-Profile Book No 3 today. Thank you for your quick action. I'm very glad to get this fine book. What's a wonderful book you made. I enjoy every profiles for many times. I like this book. Thank you again for your kindness.

Sincerely yours

Mitsuo Achimoto/japan

Your Book arrived Yesterday. Famous. It's a milehigh difference to your first ones (~ 20 Years ago) what I also own. I use mainly to compare the Planes and (their Colors) of the different Units with Planes what was shot down here in the Area (50 mls around Ulm)

Friedrich "Fritz" Braun/Germany

I have received your new book today.
It is very very good, as all of your books! Excellent profiles and I also appreciate the short explanation to each profile.
Keep up the good work and I hope you will publish many more books in the future!

Best Regards,

Matthias Kobler/Germany

I received your book yesterday and, as usual, I liked it very much! I think that until now I have acquired all of your profile books and I see you have a lot more in preparation.
So thanks again from a happy customer.

Jan Carlsson/Sweden

Thanks for your beautiful profiles that give me inspiration for my beloved scale models, and I know I will buy all your future books !!!

Luigi Scarano/Italy

Your profile book has arrived, thank you very much. It is wonderful and I like it very much!
The Fw-190 D-13 "yellow 10" is one of my favourite birds.
Best regards,

Dominikus Hausmann/Germany

Your book arrived today in perfect condition and I find it absolutely marvellous! You set already a very high standard with your Limited Edition (of which I was lucky enough to have obtained a copy...) and your Profile
Book No 1, but No 3 actually topped my expectations. Keep up the excellent

Wolfgang Ollig/Germany

The book has arrived in prime condition and with almost trembling hands I opened the package and when the first hysterical scrolling was over so hit me the idea that this can not be true! - Even better profiles, now they jump 3D-like out of the pages and surprise the reader with its lifelike appearance! The colors are (in my opinion) quite perfect.

I must mention the notion severe color RLM 02 on the ex. profile no. 6. Neither of gray or green. Also the late colors RLM 81, 82, 83? 76 is perfectly rendered, I think. What strikes me is the "fullness" available in the colors throughout the entire book.

The foreword with explanations mm. was very rewarding, especially when I drew you in section - "The Making of a profile" painted in the color of nationality marking in the dark camouflage paint (RLM 81, 83? 70) on the fiesler produced D-9th grade! It misses almost everyone.

I have not had time to study in detail the book when I just came home, but a profile can I mention that stood out a bit when I first flipped through the book is the profile no. 101 109 K-4 It looks more real than the color photo on it! The slightly chaotic painting with a variety of thinly applied colors (RLM 81, 83? 75, 76 mm.)
Perfectly executed profile of the K-4!


Jonas Lindström/Sweden

The book delivered in perfect condition, will be inspired to build any of your profiles.

Carl-Gösta Hultgren/Sweden

Excellent!! I wish I could detail my aircraft models as well as you can apply mottle camouflage to the profiles. I am finishing a Stuka Ju87G-1 right now. Will probably move on to an early Fw-190 next.

Looking forward to the armor book.

Larry Scott/USA

Have received, opened and browsed / and read the book at least 3 times already.

Awesome - I like (besides beginning with Markings, etc.), particularly your comments to each page / profile. It gives the whole thing a larger dimension, so to speak.

And the profiles are as usual awsome.I wonder where you found all photo-models set, and all information. Think I have some books but you must have the house full ....

Checked actually your profile No. 86 - Walter Dahl - yes, he, he shot down a B-17 pm. 11.15 and ten minutes later on this day.

Simply top Claes - now look forward Schlachflieger the book - and of course Tiger / Panther book.

Janne Carlsson/Sweden

This book, as well as your previous best quality! The profile's high quality, indisputable excellence. The introductory and explanatory text indispensable for many and good support for most readers. I like a lot, you dated the preface! Since a gradual improvement in your books by now you provided each profile with a more detailed text than before. Very valuable. Just need to say - a top book for the Luftwaffe stakeholder. Congratulations!

Looking forward to the USAAF in Europe and the USAAF and the US in the Pacific!

Ola Lavesson/Germany

Wow, fine work sir some fantastic new profiles, " Claes Sundin has done it yet again, the Master of Luftwaffe profiles provides us with another excellent series of superb artwork."

Wayne Little/Australia

Friend Class just superb your best work until now ! Looking forward for the next surprise of yours.

Stamatois Vordonis/Greece

Your terrific new book arrived and I have been busy going through all the profiles. Your best collection yet. Nearly late to work on the morning it arrived!

The comprehensive coverage of aircraft and units makes it impossible to nominate absolute favourites but the Galland F with the 1 numeral is got to be up there. All previous profiles of this aircraft are now officially redundant! An unexpected surprise to see this inclusion. Very fond also of the revisited Barkhorn G-6. Now that looks beaten up! There are many more.

It seems like you have been able to establish another level of detail in this collection. The colours in this volume really jump out from the page and the contrast between the weathered airframes and the colourful markings and insignias is very captivating. I also really like the addition of the notes for each profile. It really gives the artwork context and besides there is stuff in there I didn't know!

Congratulations on a great book and very much looking forward to the attack aircraft volume. It's going to be great to see the same expertise applied to capture some of the other Luftwaffe types.

Chris Martin/Australia

I have got your book which is excellent, I think it is your best yet! I am really looking forward to your next one.
I have a wide range of Luftwaffe books as I have been an enthusiast for over 30 years. Many thanks

John Johnson/England

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