My new profile book has already received fantastic reviews, check them all out here.

I received this book on May 8 and here are some immediate impressions.
Claes Sundin has done it again, and this time even more so. I do not know if I have read the wrong books or Claes has dug deep into the murky vaulted cellar, but for me it is profile for profile of news.

Rudels first "Cannon Vogel" from Belgorod and his last from May -45, Henschel 129 with the balance blocks in place, a Me 262 A-2a whose pilot has only been listed as KIA in a chronicle of KG 51, Shark-mouth Ju-87, Fw 190 and Ju 87 from Finland, winter camouflage, the fantastic Henschel 123, etc., etc.

All done with Claes' "three-dimensional" style, where the aircrafts seems to lift from the pages.

For those with an interest in Luftwaffe's Schlachtflugzeug it is extremely well spent money.

Rolf Kant/Sweden


Claes the superlatives dwindle ...

As usual, it is in my opinion just perfect, or as close to perfect as anyone can get.
This book is really a Stuka festival! - Yes, it's fun and useful to know that Ju 87 Stuka was in action throughout the war and did not disappeared after the Battle of Britain. That the Henschel Hs 123 was hard driven was also a surprise for me.

I also think you have done well with "late war" camouflage of example. Me 262 Fw 190 etc. I know that this subject is a pit filled with a lot of opinions.

The bonding, the printng, the paper is as usual perfect.

Once again, eternally grateful for a perfect book, and fast delivery. - Thanks!

Jonas Lindström/Sweden


I have not read the book yeat - only glanced, but my first impressions is:
Claes Sundin´s latest book of aircraft profiles - Profile Book No 4 - just arrived. The same high quality we are used to, great sample of aircraft from 1939 to 1945. The book is highly recommended and great value for money. A must have!

Olof Salén/Sweden


I've just received your fine book-LUFTWAFFE ATTACK AIRCRAFT (Profile book no 4) safely. I love it very much. Especially I'm very interested in profile no79 Henschel Hs129B-2. Very attractive!

Mitsuo Ashi/Japan


Recieved the ProfileBook no 4 no 044 today. This is again a collection of airplanes more or less represented in publications however never covered by such high standard illustrations. In the profiles especially camouflage and weathering is very realistic. According to my knowledge of the matter the profiles correctly represent the true airplanes even under the consideration that mainly black and white photos had to be investigated. The illustrations give unrivaled evidence about your technical improvement as artisan over the years. For an enthusiast of Luftwaffe flying inventory an absolute must since also the first operational jets are included.

Simply gorgeous, would like to rank the work with 1+ (in Germany the highest possible judgement).

Dr George Manke/Germany


Dear Claes
As always seeing a Book from you first Time, it is breathtaking. The Profiles are (almost) 3-dimensional. What I like also, is that you have made Profiles from not so well known Pilots.

Congratulation, and keep going

Fritz Braun/Germany


I have received the book yesterday;
It is fantastic... I like very much the profiles of Hans Rudel Aircraft (from Stuka to Dora). I like also the Stuka with the Snake (I intend to make a RC reproduction of this plane from Nick Ziroli plan) Profiles of Heinschel 129 are also very interesting as this plane is rarely reproduced in books
Thanks a lot

Philipe Hers/France


Today I received your new book.This book is, as always, excellent work, already I am looking forward to your next greats books.
I recommended to all Luftwaffe fans !


Ales Ehrenberger/Czech Republic


I got the book today. Worth its value
Amazing quality in the colour profiles! I really appreciate the short info on the bottom regarding the profile.

Well done, Cheers

Dimitri Vrettos/Greece


Your new book arrived and it is a very beautiful book with many interesting profiles, accompanied with short comments. I discovered two Austrians, the "snake Ju87" from Lt. Pöltz and the Hs 123 from Lt. Menapace.

Of special interest to me are seven profiles at the end of the book, all in the period April/May 1945. These are all Fw 190 F-8 and F-9 from the S.G. 10 in the area of Linz-Hörsching and Wels in Austria and Czechoslovakia. A story within the story, these aircraft are showing different markings, different canopies and different arnament. Many of them surrendered at Neubiberg.

I also think that this is your most beautiful book ­so far, a "must have" for every Luftwaffen enthusiasts.

Looking forward to coming profile books!

Greetings from Austria,

Harald Dorner/Austria


Hi Claes,

I just received your book , and I want to congratulate you for this magnificent work .


Patrick Bisdorff/Luxembourg


Dear Claes

I have just received the books.after a short and quick review it is clear that this is the top on quality, details and drawing technique, the profiles of the new models as Hs-129, Ju-87 or Hs-123 are amazing.all it is perfect on the book, colors, details, really interesting profiles, and really very surprising the "< green 2" with green nose Fw-190 F profile, a new approach for this very know aircraft, I like that. In summary the perfect bookplease more.

The same comments for the tank book.I'm not an expert as on the Luftwaffe airplanes, but also is an impressive book, really.

And thanks for the additional sheets and signatures.

Best regards

Jose Luis Faust/Spain


I cannot say that volume 4 is better than the previous volumes, as they were already excellent and volume 4 continues this magnificent series! :-)
What I like most about volume 4 is that it depicts the lesser known ground attack aircraft. This volume really fills a gap in the series of profile books!

Thank you very much for this one and keep up the good work! I'm really hoping for still a lot more books and profiles to come!


Matthias Kobler/Germany

This is really an excellent book! True your best book so far! Am I wrong or the weathering is better?
The introduction is very good and captions interesting. For my part I ll be glade to have some more info on peculiar camouflages (like: 70/71/65 with spots of 02...). Anyway this is an excellent work!
Thanks you very much!

Best regards,

Antoine Nikollag/Switzerland


I received your Profile Book No. 4 a few day ago and - as with your previous books - my expectations have been exceeded again! The attention to detail and the realistic look of your work is simply unrivaled. I also liked the fact that you choose quite a few subjects which have not been over-publicized...

Keep up the excellent work and best regards,

Wolfgang Ollig/Germany


I enjoyed the superb profiles of Your new profile book No. 4. Well researched and realistic like no.1 and 2 and Your first German Panzer Profile book. I hope therefore, that more books about this themes will follow.

Waiting for the next hot copy

Werner Greppmeir/Germany


Just a quick email on how much I enjoyed your new book. I know I say this every time but this is your best yet! I have put it in prize of place in my bookcase.
Thank you for a most marvellous edition, All the Best

John Johnson/England


About your last book. Having all you books I can say this one is the best ­ at least for me. I like the mix of aircraft types, nice selection of different markings, the "dynamics" of pages and the overall feeling. My favorite are the Henschels 123 ­ all of them followed by Stukas and Wurgers. Hs 129s and Bf 109s complemented the overall mix also very well.

Simply "The best of Claes Sundin" - at least in my eyes.

Alexandr Uhlik/Czech Republic


Your new book, handsome autographed and everything was received with great joy the beginning of the week. Since my interest is focused on fighters the curiosity of this book was great, and I think I have had to look through it a few times so it had to sink in. The book is very, very nice and I admire your touch that really impresses me. Your artistic feel and your eye for small detail is what makes the end result incredibly good. It is interesting to see that there are so many schemes and markings that one has to recognize.

Very nice Claes! I can´t find the words for it. How the hell do you find the time to do all this?

Yours sincerely

Michael Åkerström/Sweden


Got the book today! is your best work till now! Enjoying every book I got from you.
Regards and a pleasure dealing with you my friend.

Richard Maher/Canada


I just wanted to let you know that your book arrived safely.
I enjoyed it enormously.


Steven Coates/England

The book has arrived ­ it's simply BRILLIANT!
A great selection of subjects, I really like ground attack types. Maybe bombers next?


Rod Blivers/Australia


Picked up the profile No.4 at lunch today. Had a good read through it and found it to be your best work yet. Totally awesome. Some really fabulous art work. My collection of your works grows every time. Keep on painting. I will keep on buying. That said. Put me down for your Panzer Book No.II due in October.
Best regards,

Derek Gibbons/Bermuda

Your latest edition Profile Book no 4 arrived here safe and sound. Thank you for the extra care taken in carefully packaging it for safe arrival, it is much appreciated.
The book is astounding! Each of the volumes you've published to date are exquisite. The renditions of each aircraft are beautifully printed and capture sublimely the essence of Luftwaffe aircraft in their markings.
Not to take away any modicum of respect due to previous volumes of your work, but No 4 is the pinnacle of what you have accomplished thus far. I am truly excited to see and own each future book printed. Please consider me for each and everyone.
Thank you for your talented work. Your books hold a special spot in my library and have provided many hours of enjoyment.

Warmest Regards,

Sam Bueler/USA


Got the book today and fantastic as always, top notch profile art with interesting subjects!


Gareth Hector/Greatbritain


Your latest has arrived. Again, outstanding job.

I am really glad your "friends" convinced you to profile the Hs 123. That aircraft has so much character to it!


Mark Proulx/Canada


Thanks for this new title which is really an exciting new publication for those with an interest in the Luftwaffe. As we know dedicated profiles of ground attack aircraft is an area that has been often been overlooked for the more familiar and perhaps glamorous Jagdwaffe. Not so this time!

The introductory text with its discussion of the importance of the ground attack or, "flying artillery"concept to the the origins of the Luftwaffe and the discussion of weapons loads, sets the tone for the profiles that follow. The potted history of the key aircraft types was informative and I particularly enjoyed the revaluations of the storied histories of some of the key types.

Then onto the real stuff, the profiles! They certainly do not disappoint. In this volume you have managed to create a great new collection highlighting once again the variety of camouflage and heraldry that keeps students of the Luftwaffe fascinated. Featuring aircraft from all theatres, the combination of accurate colour and the fine detailing of weathering and age, gives each subject life. The weathering aspect for these subjects has gone into a new dimension! I was also intrigued by the fine detail work on the weapons loads carried by many of the subjects, for example the inscriptions made by ground crew on a bomb load.

The descriptors commentating on the history of the aircraft and related aircrew who flew the aircraft is again a great addition.

I think the the large number of profiles of previously unrepresented subjects depicted in this level of detail, represents tremendous value.

Chris Martin/Australia





Just want to let you know that the book arrived safe and sound last week.
I could resume my opinion about the book with a Wowww!!! Honestly I think it is really difficult that you can improve your drawing style more. I'm especially impressed by the subtlety of the complex camo schemes of the JaBo Me- 262s, with some many overlaying colours. Impressive work on these! On the other side, not forgeting the many Stukas and Fw-190s, I have enjoyed a lot the Hs -129 and Hs-123 profiles, this late plane being a favourite of mine since childhood due to its aggressive racing style shapes. It was new to me knowing that they entered combat with the old Pre-War camo scheme, indeed.

I have also found really interesting the section about selection of the type of bombs for the different missions / targets at the beginning of the book.

To put it short, just another masterpiece from your hands. Now let's wait for the second Panzer's book!

Best regards from Madrid.

César M. Martín-Sáez/Spain


''Luftwaffe Attack Aircraft '' arrived today. What a beautifully book! lots of inspiration for the modeler and a fantastic balance of types and schemes.

Now I must get volumes 1 to 3 well I have a birthday soon so they will be on the list.

Thanks again thanks for a great book, Regards

Neil Dowdell/United Kingdom

I got the books in the meantime. Thank you very much. They arrived in a good shape in your good packing.

I had just time so far to have only a quick look at them. But they are amazing as always and I be happy to have this items in my ever
growing book collection!

I know that we booth are looking ahead of such good books in the future. Keep going that way and thank you again.


Peter Schmid/Switzerland



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