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Here comes all the reviews for my Night Fighter Profile book that I´ve got to date, check them out please:

Claes Sundin's latest collection of published profiles, "Luftwaffe Night Fighters" continues the tradition of his previous releases in being a highly informative, colourful and enjoyable text that screams "quality". This is a great book.

In this volume, aviation enthusiasts have been treated to a peerless collection of profiles that highlight the range of aircraft types deployed by the Luftwaffe's night fighter force in WWII.

The usual introductory section does an excellent job of succinctly summarising the organisation of the night fighter arm as well as the race for technical advantage that so defined this aspect of the air war. The overview of Bomber Command's strategy in WWII gives added context, not least serving to remind the reader of the barely comprehensible price paid by aircrew of the Royal Air Force in taking the war to the German homeland. The suffering endured by the civilian population as a result of "Total War" is not overlooked.

However it is the profiles that are obviously the basis of this volume and they do not disappoint. The range of aircraft types employed by the Luftwaffe night fight arm as it attempted to defend the homeland are on full display here. This includes the early hastily adapted Messerschmitt, Dornier and Junker designs to the technologically superior Heinkel 219. The forced adaptation of aircraft in roles for which they were never intended, remains the basis for many enthusiast's fascination with the Luftwaffe and the night fighter force in particular.

All profiles have been completed in exquisite detail. A broad variety of source material has clearly been used to create the wide variety of aircraft depicted in this volume. The often elaborate camouflage schemes are beautifully executed and each profile highlights the additional hardware necessary for the night fighter role that gave these machines their exotic and often menacing look. The colours are vivid and look stunning against the neutral white background used in these volumes.

Each profile is accompanied with extended captions. A great deal of research has gone into these notes that cover aircraft performance, tactics, aspects of the pilot's career, the unit's history and or an explanation details of the actual aircraft's camouflage and markings when necessary. Great to see some explanation of the particular colours shown in many of the profiles, especially when they challenge previous ideas on the subject. It is also intriguing to read some of the previously obscure (to me at least) operational details such as the unit formed to shoot down ball bearing carrying Mosquitos.

A very pleasant surprise was to see the inclusion of aircraft deployed in Operation Donnerkeil or the "Channel Dash" as it is more popularly known, as well as aircraft deployed in the night fighter role on the Russian Front.

A superb collection of inspiring profiles for aviation enthusiasts and modellers alike.

Can't wait for the accompanying volume on Luftwaffe bombers.

Chris Martin/Australia

Luftwaffe Night Fighters Profile Book No. 5 by Claes Sundin

Claes has done it again! I have enjoyed his last profilbok. Every time I bought one of his books, my first thought was that It could not be any better than this, but it can apparently. This is the book for all that have an fascination for the men and the machines "which fought duells under the stars", as well as for all that has an the interest in the Luftwaffe, or the Second World War air war.

In his traditional way, Claes presents his material in chronological order, and it is by now not only profiles that arouses interest. There is a wealth of interesting information in writing about each profile. By others, an example we learn that Steinhoff flew a Bf 109 D (N) JG2 in the German Bight in December -39, also that Schnaufer's first action was during the Donnerkeil (the Cannel Dash) etc.etc. Other exciting information (to me unknown) was that both the Dornier 17 and 215 served as night birds.
Here are the famous names, of course, Schnaufer, Thimmig, John, Sayn Wittgenstein. For example. Schnaufers plane whose tail we've seen in the IWM, Johnen's emergency landing in Switzerland. Welter's 262 B.

For model builder, the book is a treasure trove. It abounds with amazing variations and camouflage. What about Me 262 B-1a, the Bf 109G-10 and K-4, Ju 88 G-6 with magnetron transmitter (no "hunting horns")? A Ju 88 G-6 with strangely painted fin. The last years of the war, with the most amazing camouflage, which must have caused Claes incomprehensible problems and will give the builder something to bite into.

However, Is there not something I'm missed out? Well actually, a page with drawings of all the different antenna arrangements with their mounts.

In short, buy the book and enjoy.

Rolf Kant/Sweden

Dear Claes,

Finally I got spare time enough to enjoy your new book for a couple of hours, and I can only say that's a really nice job.

As you also mention in the book, Luftwaffe Nachtjagd has always caught my interest. Not considering an expert myself, I have readed as much as possible about their history and achievements, about its "Experten" and the hard battles against the RAF "Mosquitos"...

Regarding your book, I found the following points worth to be mentioned:

1/ The variety of types used by the Nachjagd and correspondingly displayed in your publication. At this point, the size comparison of all of them at the first pages is quite interesting.
2/ The subtle way you have represented the early black painted planes, giving them volume enough for a tridimensional look.
3/ It is also interesting to see the almost infinite number of camouflage variations -many of them ramdomly applied, without a well defined pattern or rules being followed- used by the Nachjagd planes.
4/ How frequent was the use of "hard lines" camouflage designs and how widespread was the use of "Day Figther" patterns by the Nachtjagd, most of them based on the RLM 74/75/76 combination.
5/ I find quite useful mentioning the colors depicted in the profiles in their text descriptions, something that I missed in some of your previous books. Considering how subbtle many of the patterns are, a written reference is really descriptive.
6/ Regarding the profiles, many of them have caught my attention for their camo complexity but just due to personal taste, profiles #68 (Ernst Wilhelm Modrow He 219) and profiles #89, #100 and #109 (the Me 110 G-4s flown by Hans Joahim Jabs, Heinz Wolfgang Schnaufer and Herbert Ludwig) are among my favourites. Probably because the latest versions of the old Me 110 have a sexy "racing look" that I have always loved.

Leaving apart some typos, the text captions asigned to each profile are quite informative and worth to be readed as small stories in the context of a much bigger story.

In short another fantastic addition to your illustration work and to my library's crowded shelves. I just can keep anxiously awaiting for your next work to be released in October.

Best regards from Madrid.

César M. Martín-Sáez/Spain

"Fascinating book, the best work I ever seen about the Luftwaffe Night


Hi Claes,

This is a note to say that your book is everything I could have wished for, and more! It's truly excellent.
I model mainly in 1/32, and have various decals for several of the aircraft you have depicted. I'll certainly order the bombers book when it becomes available, and probably one of the earlier fighter books too.

Best wishes, and thanks again. (Hey the Swedish postal service is pretty hot. It only took 10 days. Brilliant!)

Russell Brown/Australia

Hi Claes

Has now really enjoyed myself few days with your latest book. It's great - the profiles are gorgeous, with the quality and selection that you spoiled us readers already.What I particularly appreciate this time is your introduction to night fighing and short texts on each profile.
And best of all, the size comparison between the different types. There's a few people who had the opportunity to stand together with some of these planes, and some are of course no longer on display at all. Therefore, it is fantastic to be able to compare the plan among themselves that you now show. I did not know a He 219 was so slim and slender compared to a 217. One learn something new all the time!I understand of course that you have put in a tremendous research work to produce all of these profiles.
Ganz Wunderschön I want to say.

Very pleased with this book, and now look forward to the next.

Best regards

Janne Carlsson/ Sweden

Dear Claes.

As far as the book is concerned, its just great. I found the profiles to be highly detailed and the research on the aircraft to be impressive.

I will definitely buy the complete set over the next few months.

Best regards,

Mustafa Aziz/United Arab Emirates

Hello Claes!
I spent a most enjoyable few hours with your books and I am impressed. You did some things which I really liked: I think not scaling the profiles but allowing them to fit on the page as large as possible was a really good idea, it allowed a fuller appreciation of your work.
Interesting information on how you build up the profiles, it gives a good impression of the work and research involved.
Thanks also for the commentary on the colors ( I do not know much about VVS colors), various radars in use, bomb illustrations, etc. it really rounds out each volume.
I am looking forward to your coming works with great anticipation. I really liked the nightfighter book, great job on showing the various applications of camouflage to the He 219!

Best wishes for your future works, I will be looking forward to them.

Pat Donahue/USA

I have just received the Profile book on Luftwaffe night fighters by Claes Sundin. Good photographs of Luftwaffe night fighters are notoriously scarce but Claes has managed to produce an absolutely excellent book on the subject. The book starts with an early Me 109 D flown by Johannes Steinhoff and ends with two Ju 88's that took part in the evacuation of the Kurland bridgehead on 8 May 1945. In between there is a mass of profiles in chronological order that are simply stunning. Generously enough there are also a couple of extra profiles at the start of the book where the size of the aircraft is compared, i.a. a Ju 88 C-6 flown by Heinz Rökker. It is difficult to pick a favorite but if my arm is twisted it will have to be Rudolf Schönert's Ju 88. I am already looking forward to the next book!

M v h

Fredrik Schultz/Sweden

"The new profile book with colour schemes of german nightfighters fighters of WW 2 is at the moment the best and outstanding publication for the modeler and historian I have ever seen.
The absolute MUST for enthusiasts and collectors! Looking hot for further books in this series from Claes Sundin!

Werner Greppmeier/Germany

Hello Claes,

sorry for my radiosilence these last days but as you know I was in Dresden and didn't have the opportunity to connect to internet so often.

However, of course I had some time to browse and read in your new "Luftwaffe Nightfighter Profiles" book in the meantime and I agree that it is your best work to date. Already the darkish cover is absolutely stunning and creates a lot of interest to discover the history of this somehow "mysterious" types of aircraft. Since I did not know a lot about the history of the Luftwaffe Nightfighter units, your short introduction as well as the detailed profile descriptions are really helpful.
What I am personally thrilled about this book, in comparison to your previous publications, is the fact, that the majority of the profiles are featuring the "big guys" (like the Ju-88, Do-217, He-219). The huge number of Ju-88 and Bf-110 profiles in all its versions and different radar technology evolutions is nothing else than awesome. Also I really like the Do-217 profiles as this seems to be a rather seldomly seen (in historic photos) but massive equipped nightfighter at that time. So, congratulations and a big "thank you" for creating this intriguing book and I'm already looking forward to your forthcoming publication in 2017!


Ralf M/Germany

on Monday evening I've received your new Profile book. I've read it the last two evenings after work. The Soccer-EM has lost, the book was much more interesting ;-)). In Germany we say, I've eaten the book!

Yes, a really great new book from you. Especially the new plane profiles, like the He 219 or the Me 262 twoseater or the really rare Do 215 and Do 217 and the Ju 88 G version. Really great to see also other types of planes than previously. Also the very detailed comments not only to the plans or the pilots, but also to the historical facts. Over 7.000 shot down airplanes, wow, this number I didn't know before. Claes, great job done and I'm looking forward to your next profile book in autumn.

Claes I'm looking forward to your next great deal.

Till then

Best Regards

Axel Schilling/Geramny


The book arrived on Monday, and once again I have to say you've outdone yourself. Fantastic profiles (as always), and I love the variety. The variations of the camouflage patterns were especially interesting and I'm sure must have come about from lots of research. Definitely happy to be adding this one to my bookshelf alongside all your other books!

I have one minor request for your next book(s), if possible: could you provide larger versions of victory markings? I love the squadron/group badges, but since there's such a variation in victory markings I think it would be great to see them in more detail. Just my hope!


Marc Tavasci/USA

Hello Claes,

All of your books arrived today in great shape, thanks to your excellentpacking. Thank you for including the three extra profile sheets, and your Panzer Profiles book, all autographed!

I have numerous questions and maybe a request or two based on your illustrations, especially since you rely heavily on actual photographs. I hope you won't mind my pestering you.

These are excellent books. Thank you for the wonderful service, and I look forward to your future editions.

Best Regards,

James Fullingim/USA

Hello Claes

I received my copy today and I am very excited and pleased Excellent profiles and notes .A well thought and executed work overall. My compliments .Your work is getting better and better.


Dimitri Vrettos/Greece

Dear Claes,

I have well recieved your book from the local post office as wished. Everything very fine.

The book is gorgeous, since it is a collection of not often published subjects and they are combined to a n=124 mass! Cary on this great work, whereas enjoying the current colourwork with greatest excitement I already kindly anticipate what is comining next!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Dr. Georg Menke/Germany


Hi Claes,

My copy of Luftwaffe Night Fighters has arrived, thank you very much.

With Luftwaffe Nightfighters being my favourite research and modelling subject, reading through the beautifully printed and presented pages, it was like visiting old friends and meeting a few new ones.

It's hard to believe night fighters aren't a keen interest of yours as the detailed work in the profiles is stunning and continues your legacy of fine work.

I can only hope another volume may be possible in future with so many more available subjects from a truly fascinating aspect of World War II aerial warfare.


Martin Reid/Australia

Hi Claes;
I have recieved your fantastic latest book and what a revelation it is, Simply superb. Keep up the fantastic work!

Very Best Regards;

David Mc Kee/UK

Dear Claes

I got your Book 2 Days ago (Need the two Days to go through all the Pages) Your Nightfighter Book fills a Gap and fits perfect to all the Publications, (as well from others) what are mainly about Dayfighters. The Quality is as usual, perfect from you. Waiting until more Ideas and Prints from you coming up. I also like the Texts, what explains a lot of as it was.

Best Wishes for upcoming Profilemaking

Fritz Braun/Germany

Hello Claes

I just received your book today.

Let me say that again you did an amazing job with your new book. The variety of the aircraft used by the night fighters and the different color schemes are perfectly compiled in this book. I especially like the weathering used on the profiles, which makes the aircraft even more lively.

Many thanks and looking forward to your next book.

Matthias Kobler/Germany

Hi Claes,
I received your book Tuesday, in perfect conditions as usual. The profiles are very nice, you almost feel the plane flying (and ........ they are flying with the help of a glass of Bordeaux !). Incredible detailed profiles; the history for all aircrafts, the book number five is even better than the number four. Now I'm waiting, for the number six impatiently !

"Ride to live, live to ride"

Serge Bouygues/France

Hi Claes,

The eagerly awaited book arrived today in perfect condition - and I must say it is indeed probably your best work to date. The degree of realism and attention to detail you have achieved is absolutely superb! I also liked the mix of the subjects which includes some of the lesser known aircraft types and pilots. I am now definitely looking forward to the release of Profile Book No. 6...

Cheers and all the best,

Wolfgang Ollig / Germany

Hello Claes.

The profiles are just great. What a delight to turn every page in expectation what coming up next.
And as usual, there is another eye catcher in perfection with a good and solid text. For me, the text is very important too. As I like as much back ground information about the planes. I can only say that's more than well done and hopefully you keep up going in the same manner. It's for sure, that this books will be an extra treasure of my big collection and my Aussie friend will be jealous about it.

Peter Schmid/Australia

Dear Claes...just the books are on my usually Excellent service.

I have a lot of profile books on my library including all your titles,.... this book is the best of the best of all, simply impressive work related with a less know subject;the quality of the drawings, the details included on each profile are superb, the explanation text is also a really excellent addition on the book. _Really I think that is really difficult to improve more the quality of your work, perhaps if the profiles can fly....

Only waiting for the next ones...

Best regards

Jose luis Fauste/Spain


I received the book yesterday, it is very nice, the profiles are superb. As always a wonderful book!

Thank you very much

Jean Marc Regnier/France

Hi Claes,

yesterday I received the new Profile Book No.5 in perfect condition, thanks for the fast shipping.
The first look was "what a great book".
I really enjoyed reading all the profiles and was pleased that you didn't forget the Bf 109 and Fw 190 Nightfighters. A great presentation for the enthusiastic scale modeler, too.
I am looking forward to the Profile Book No. 7, Luftwaffe Bombers.

Cheers and the wish that you keep up the good work

Franz Groth/Germany

Hi, Claes

Today i've received the book from the post office, Thanks for this magnificent book again, You surpassed yourself in this book, I'm looking forward to your second edition of your first profile book, I missed this book for my collection, Thank you so much for your stunning work.


Toni Schifano/Belgium

I was waiting for a book like this many years ago. German nightfighters are my favourite planes, and this book is going to be my favourite book. If the previous books were great, this one is superb. The detailed profiles make me enjoy every page.
The book arrived in one week and it was in perfect conditions. I perused it and it´s impeccable.
The only problem. I´ve to wait until October for the next Claes book.

Eduardo Gil/Spain

"Fascinating book, the best work I ever seen about the Luftwaffe Night Fighters. Every profile is a masterpiece in itself, with very useful informations in the texts. Many of them very interesting - for example I'm specially liked the interpretation of Hptm. Helmut Lent's Do 215 B-5, Werner Streib's and Ernst-Wilhelm Modrow's Uhus, and so on...
The new book is a precious piece of my library."

Sándor Fülöp/Hungary

The book has arrived in perfect condition! Thanks!

And as usual, the book is superb and of great interest as night fighters almost a rarity among flighter profiles. As usual the profiles almost jump up to ones face when the book is opened, world class!
A good selection of aircraft and their painting and marking. I put special attention to the evolution from black to light blue/gray and green, depending on the fortunes of war and time.
Perfect rendering of the complex painting techniques (spray painting) on the various profiles, almost down to the rivets, incredible!
Really looking forward to your next profilbok.

A very satisfied customer:

Jonas NP Lindström/Sweden

Hi Claes,
What an amazing book. Super-nice profiles as always and interesting text that broadens my knowledge further on the topic of German night fighters.
The profiles with moderate balanced "dirt and weathering" is incredibly realistic. I'm pleased to see some Do 217 and He 219 Uhu's, I have some special memories of these from my model builder time. Profile no. 120, Me 262 B-1a/U1 reminds me of a job trip I made to South Africa in the mid 90-ties.

Very nice!! Keep up your good work!

Ingemar Melin/Sweden

Hi Claes
Book arrived safely today. Many thanks. I've had one quick browse and love it. I've already marked 10 schemes I'd like to build models of and several that I'd already found photos that I thought looked interesting and now found in your book.
Your profiles are truly stunning and will be a reference I will return to many times over.
Thank you once again. Best regards.

Aaron Scott/United Kingdom

Hi Claes
Book came today. Thank you very much for signing it for me. Excellent images of the aircraft and information on them. I have to say this is your best yet! The drawing are well researched and in my opinion are very like the photographs you have based them on ( I do a lot of searches on the web and have seen many of the photographs you used on websites and on my own collection of books).
I look forward to your next book and I know I am trying, to hold back my horses, but I am counting down the days. If there's any thing I can help you with in the future please let me know.


John Johnson/England

Hello Claes,

I've just received your fine book-Profilebook- Luftwaffe Night Fighter. What's a fantastick book you made! Your art work is fine and beautiful. Regarding ace's machine,I got many informations by this book. I also enjoyed profile of He219 Uhu's drawings. I think this book is a must for all Luftwaffe nightfighter enthusiast.

Best regard

Mitsuo Ashimoto/Japan


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