The book has now starting to be received by my customers

Here follows the first reviews for my new Bomber Profile book:

From the spectacular cover image of a Ju88 draped in the newly discovered blue 83, to the collection of Arado 234s that close out the volume, this collection of 124 profiles is sure to please those with an interest in the Luftwaffe's bomber arm. It is great news indeed to see this unique collection of aircraft given the same treatment as the more familiar Me109's and FW190s that make up much of Claes's work.
From the early standard Heinkels, Dorniers and Junkers that dominated the campaigns in the west, to the more esoteric models that carried the Luftwaffe to it's defeat, each page reveals highly detailed representations of some fabulous looking aircraft captured at a point in their service history. The lengthy and informative captions that accompany each profile, work collectively to provide a running narrative of the Kampfgeshwader's fortunes throughout the course of the war.
The introduction chapter works well to reaffirm the unique limitations imposed on the bomber arm comparative to other combatants, it's failure to develop a true strategic effectiveness and the reasons for it's ultimate demise. It also works well to remind the reader why the examples in the volume are largely of twin engined aircraft. The uncompromising demands made on the men who flew these machines is also discussed in this section.
Returning to the profiles, it is captivating to follow the progression from the relatively uniform aircraft seen at the beginning of the war, right through to the collection of heavily up armed and modified machines that fought in the middle and final years and which were supported at the end by the new jet propelled Arado 234 and Me 262.
This also applies to the evolution of camouflage that is after all, the purpose of this book and which make these aircraft so fascinating. The field applied modifications to standard camouflage schemes in the various seasons and theatres, results in a colourful collection.
When I ordered the book I particularly looked forward to viewing the profiles of the one potentially effective strategic bomber in the Luftwaffe arsenal, the He 177 and was intrigued as to how Claes would approach this aircraft. From my experience apart from a few well known examples, good quality source photographs of this aircraft are not that common. Claes has done a great job in making sense of the improvised camouflaged schemes applied to these imposing machines both in their daylight and nocturnal roles. I enjoyed the specific explanations provided on the camouflage colours for these particular aircraft and for others found in this volume.
One cannot complete a review of this volume without mentioning the aircraft depicted in profiles 73,79,90 and 113. It is fascinating to view in print for the first time, aircraft featuring this transformative discovery in Luftwaffe colour research. The blue 83 colour when complemented with the various meander tarnung, results in some truly stunning looking machines. Profile porn at its best! All up this is a great collection, presented in beautiful colour. I see in Claes's upcoming schedule no mention of a second volume. Hopefully one day.

This review is dedicated to the memory of Don Watters, a friend and fellow enthusiast who passed too soon to share the appreciation of this publication. Vale Don. 15/4/57-28/7/17

Chris Martin/Australia

I received your new Profile No.7 Luftwaffe Bombers 2 weeks Friday. So I have had a chance to sit down and have a good read and go through the profiles. Very informative and an eye-opener in the process. What an exceptional book. This is your best work so far. The question is "How are you going to top this?" Looking forward to your next great set of profiles. Best regards,

Derek Gibbons/Bermuda

First off, I must apologise for the delay in acknowledging receipt of this book. It's been here for a few weeks now; my excuse is that I haven't been able to get my nose out of the pages long enough to email you!
It's BRILLIANT! It is, without a doubt, the best book that you've done. There are 124 beautifully executed illustrations of some absolutely intriguing and interesting aircraft.
I really like the captions; they give you a really good "feel" for the aircraft by describing it's theatre of operations and what the owner unit was doing at the time. They've become more than just interesting profiles; each page really tells a story (as all good captions should).
The subjects themselves exceeded my expectations, you've shown how Luftwaffe bomber schemes became ever more weird and wonderful as the war progressed.
I was already enthralled, but Profile no 27 took my breath away ­ so many artists have all the theatre markings on 1H+GP as all white; I believe that you're absolutely correct in depicting the cowlings, wingtips, rudder and (the frequently overlooked) elevators in yellow with just the fuselage band in white. My only very minor quibble here would be that I think this unit's aircraft carried their individual letter ("G") on the wing leading edge also. But it's a very minor quibble. I was looking forward to seeing how you portrayed Ju 88A-4/trop B3+MH (no 79); to be honest I'd decided to buy this book the moment I saw this aircraft on the cover ­ I wasn't disappointed at how it was depicted! Interesting that you've used the documented but rarely appreciated RLM 83 dark blue as a base colour on three other profiles too (no 73, He 111 1H+PH, no 90 Ju 88A-17 3Z+KS and no 113, another Ju 88A-17 1H+FL) ­ my feeling here is that again you're absolutely correct. I do wonder about the wellenmuster colour with no 90 though, I appreciate all other sources also have it as RLM 79 as well, but this would have contributed little to the aircraft's camouflage operating low over the water. I simply don't know; I've often wondered if the wave pattern was actually RLM 76. You could argue forever about these schemes, couldn't you?
If I was to make a criticism, maybe I'd like to have seen a V. / KG2 Me 410 profile and perhaps one less Ar 234? But this is just me being greedy and wanting more ­ I'm still mightily pleased and impressed with your book. I know it was a lot of hard work; but you've achieved a superb book. Congratulations Claes! With best regards,
Rod Blievers/Australia

I have just finished reading through Claes' latest Profile book (No. 7 - Luftwaffe bombers) which I received last week. I am in awe of the detail which Mr. Sundin achieves in his art work. This is not simply great work, it is work which sets a bar for detail and research into aircraft of the Second World War. A must have title. Thank you Claes.
Lorne A. Wappler/Canada

I received your books few days ago and already spent a couple of hours to read them carefully !
The Bomber book you've just released is particularly interesting with the descriptions you added
about the historical context linked to the plane. A great job. Once again thank you, Cheers.

Vincent Faraut/France

Thank you for your book, which I have been enjoying looking through. To date, this is the highlight of my collection - the illustrations are some of the best I've seen. It is thoroughly researched and highly detailed. I was lucky enough to receive the special edition, which is excellent. I look forward to your new publications in this series.

John Johnson/United Kingdom

Superb. Kudos for Claes, he did it again. Although it seems impossible, the new book is even better than the previous ones (and that was very very difficult). He elevates the aircraft profiles to the category of ART and the info is really adequate. German bombers in the book look like they are going to take off, and especially the "Blitz" ( I really like this plane). Again, looking forward your next book. Thanks for making us happier with your profiles. Waiting for your news about a new book. Best regards.

Eduardo Gil/Spain

I've got your latest book in perfect shape and I must say it is really a pleasure to browse through. You have treated us all to a veritable smörgåsbord of very interesting and varied subjects whose rendition is ultra realistic owing to your clever use of scale effects in the color gradation. Also I find the embedded detail is rewarding to the eye of the most exacting enthusiast as it puts always to the test his/her knowledge of the subject. I'm looking eagerly forward to your next book.Thanks,

Giacomo Mion/Italy

Now I've "looked through" your latest book. It can be studied and read over and over, in several portions and year for year several times ...This book is the best you have produced - a perfect overview of Luftwaffe Bomber's fleet. The book begins with a very good description of the bomber arm and its tasks and weaknesses. Very illustrative to see the size and appearance of the different bombs, compared with an ordinary bloke. One get a good understanding of how it could be to deal with these bombs (and its effect). And then the amazing size comparison between the different bomber types. I do not know if any have seen all these types of "live" (and I do not think many have done it either) that they differed so much in size - it makes understanding even better when you see the profiles. And what fantastic profiles and texts !! I understand that it has taken time to get so much information about each described profile. You have woven in so so much about the history of the current profile and the current events, Wonderful! And the end of the book - a complete compendium, thank you for that. I'm really happy (especially as I like the He 177). You've got so many variants of all kinds. I only wonder - what will be the next book now when this masterpiece is finished? Greetings and thanks for a great book

Janne Carlsson/Sweden

I was absolute surprised concerning the content of this book. All what I have hoped was fulfilled! Absolute super detailed and researched profiles of my favorites Do 217 and He 177 witch ordnance (never seen before) and He 111 an Ju 88/188!, I think this is the best profile book at the moment world wide. I am hot to receive further books of this series! Hopefully a second book witch Luftwaffe Bombers or Zerstörer aircraft, Schlachtflieger or Training aircraft??? A super book with a moderate prize - ideal source for the modeler & historian!!! Dear Claes - supply us in the future with more stuff like this concerning the LUFTWAFFE, Cheers

Werner Greppmeir/Germany

I've got it ! happy like a kid!, Really, a beautiful book showing the evolution of camouflage from the beginning to the and of WWII. The dark blue RLM83 is really original. I would like to know if it was use for night fighters too? Thanks a lot again. Great work, don't stop, you know I'm looking forward seeing the next one. Cheers,

Eric Camélas/Reunion Island France

Bombers landed safely on my hands , Another hit, a ( Super Nova ) added in WW 2 Luftwaffe panel . At the end, Luftwaffe Bombers are so fascinate as are their brothers Fighters, Great are: the bombs index , late war camo, RLM 83 color, and of course markings and texts. A must for the library of every aviation fan , Greetings from a very pleased customer and friend. Looking forward for yours next surprise,


Claes, I have just finished a enjoyable time in my favorite chair reading your new German bomber book, excellent work in all respects. I appreciate the fact that you included more profiles on the machines which we do not usually get to see in such detail such as the He 177 and Ar 234, Also this is the first time I have seen RLM 83 rendered, a very interesting color and the use of this color with the wave mirror pattern makes some most interesting looking machines. Lastly I enjoyed seeing you "holding" the scale ruler on the bomb illustration page! I am looking forward to your next work, they are always a treat for the eyes. Very good value. Best wishes,

Pat Donahue/USA

I've just received your last book and it is awesome! German bombers books are scares and this book shows the great variety of camouflages one can find in the Luftwaffe. Late war bombers are especially beautiful to me! But blue bombers got my heart! Congratulations for your very high quality work! Brest regards,

Antoine Nikollag/Switzerland

Yesterday I received your profile book, Luftwaffe Bombers"excellent service as usual. I have all your profile books and every new book is better: the content, quality and details of the profiles and the information provided for each airplane. On this case the text included for each profile is very helpful and the selection of the profiles is really worthy, it is again another must for any "luftmaniatic", modeler or just having interest on the air warfare. The use on several profiles of the "new" dark blue RLM83 hue has been a great and welcomed surprise (waiting for the final verification of this colour).Unfortunately now I must to wait several months for your next profile book..Best regards

Jose Luis Fauste/Spain

This is really excellent .The new profiles are very accurate and well detailed. The bomber ordnance and aircraft in scale are quite useful references for size. Overall an outstanding work with amazing profiles and information. Well done!

Dimitri Vrettos/Greece

I just got your new book, it's excellent. Thank you again for everything. See you soon for your new books in preparation. Cheers,

Didier Stettmeier/France

Today, on 10 October, I've just received your fine profile book-No7 LUFTWAFFWE BOMBERS. Fantastic book! All the profiles are very attractive to me. I don't have good informations about Luftwaffe Bombers. So, this book is very useful to me. I appreciate your great work. Regards,

Mitsuo Ashimoto/Japan

I received the book on Friday. I immediately scanned through it and I must say that it is amazing. Your profiles are really the best and most accurate one can find. Especially I like the late war bombers with the dark camouflage schemes. Usually you find a lot of fighter profiles, but only a few bomber profiles. Your book is really a great work, filling a gap in WWII profiles. Looking forward to future releases!

Matthias Kobler/Germany

124 perfect profiles have arrived and I have checked the content and as usual it's perfect, better profiles are probably not available anywhere. That is my definite opinion. I like the selection and to include a bit more unusual plane plan like He 177 as well as variants of Do 217 and Ar 234.The infinite variation of camouflage is of great interest to me and perfectly shown in the book. Especially the RLM 83 fascinates me. I also have to mention in my review how good the texts are in the book, informative, clear and highly interesting. Very good! I also liked the bomb size comparison illustration, the highest grade. Looking forward to the next profile book.

A very satisfied book buyer:

Jonas NP Lindström/Swedec

Well Done, Claes! Your "Bomber-Book" arrived Yesterday. What a variety of Camouflage patterns, Great. The colors are awesome. As well all the Details and of Course the "background" information about each plane. Bravo.

Fritz Braun/Germany

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