The book has now starting to be received by my customers

Here follows the first reviews for my new Pacific Fighter Profile book:

Hi Claes,

Big thanks for your latest Profile Book # 9 "Pacific fighters". I have all your previous profile books and it is an incredible development that you have made through the series of flight and armor profile books.

What I appreciate most besides the superb color profiles are the informative and interesting texts that bring the aircraft and its pilots to life in a way that few writers have managed to do before. Thanks to your thorough research, the reader really gets a better insight into and an understanding of the conflict areas and the efforts that both the aircraft and the pilots were involved in in the Pacific war / The Pacific war.

I am also impressed with the width of the 130 color profiles with known and unknown aircraft and pilots. Please continue with this direction in upcoming profile books! Also continue with the size comparisons between aircraft and armored vehicles, this will bring new knowledge to the reader.

The only thing I would like to see more of in the future is your comments and comments regarding painting and labeling of upcoming flight and armor profiles, I think it is also interesting to find out if it is "standard patterns and standard colors" such as the profile aircraft is painted in, or if there is something very special about the color choice or camouflage of this particular airplane ... There are always new facts or newly discovered color images that can change "old perceptions".

I would also like to congratulate you on your new career as a full-time writer and artist, we are very much appreciated by many around the world!

PLEASANT SUMMER, With warm greetings!

Just received and enjoyed your new book related with Pacific fighters....every book is even better and don't know where is your limit. On this case the additional longer texts are a very valuable information for the profiles, very well done and of course I recommend the book as a must. Now, waiting for the next one...apart of the next German tanks book ....any clue about the next one the list???

José Luis/Spain

I've just finished reading your last book and it is, once again, outstanding! A real pleasure for the eyes! I've greatly appreciated your beautiful profiles and specially the weathering. The captions are very interesting giving an excellent context to the profiles. I've learned many interesting things! A big thanks for your high quality work!


Now I have browsed your last book. Scanned, for as much information as you have written under each profile then it takes time to read everything and digest. The first "chapter" with a summary is great and I didn't know much about the Japanese pilots and their relationship (no aces!). And I'm after all spoiled from previous books with your exquisite profiles, so I wasn't disappointed, wonderful and so many different types. I didn't know there were so many types in Japan. Now I have to study ...
And your stories under each profile. You must have put a lot of effort into finding these, absolutely huge. I like Corsair and Hellcat, and I got my pleasure, with so many stories about pilots and contexts. And the Japanese pilots, your stories - I didn't know they were so good and shot down so many B-29s, and that several pilots shot down several.
Now I know what to do this summer - take a break from time to time, from gardening and browsing and reading in your fantastic book. And now I'm waiting for your next one.


Hi Claes, your new book arrived Friday, June 14, and the opening of the package was, as always, a moment of true joy and discovery on an area of aeronautical history that still has many surprises. the images are beautiful but the Profile book n. 9 is not just an album of beautiful drawings, it is a true illustrated story text.


Claes Sundin's latest profile collection is his first book exclusively focused on the fighter aircraft serving in the Pacific Theater of Operations from 1941 to 1945.
There are 130 full color and highly detailed aircraft profiles in the book. The profiles are evenly split between Japanese (64) and Allied (66) aircraft. For the Allies, the reader will find profiles for the main protagonists during the Pacific War: United States Army Air Force (26), United States Navy (20), United States Marine Corp (9), Commonwealth (10) and Russian (1). The Japanese profiles give a good mix of Imperial Japanese Army Air Service and Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service aircraft.
The reader can be confident that Claes has researched the colors and markings of every aircraft profile in the book. This is his reputation and he is tireless in his research, especially when tackling profiles of Japanese airplanes where it notoriously difficult to obtain good reference material. Claes acknowledges several contributors who assisted him with this endeavor.
In addition to the amazing aircraft illustrations and artwork, Claes has added historical narratives linking the pilot and plane. The captions or paragraphs are longer than any previous Sundin profile books, nearly 50% more! The detailed narratives allowed Claes to give context to the pilot, plane, squadron at that time during the war. The small histories permit the reader to humanize the profile and imagine what the pilot was facing when at controls of the particular subject machine.
The book contains profiles of the aircraft flown by famous aces such as Butch O'Hare, Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, and Alexander Vraciu on the American side and Saburo Sakai, Hirotoshi Nishizawa, and Tetsuzo Iwamoto for the Japanese. There are many other well-known aces in the book that are just too numerous to spoil here. It is up to the reader to purchase the book and discover the treasures within. For any aviation enthusiast and scale modeler, the book is a must-have to add to their collection. I eagerly await Claes' next book and hope he returns to the Pacific Theater soon.


I received the book and I thank you very much; it looks a fantastic job. I really appreciate the long text that improves every profile, even if it mainly refers to the pilot story. Thank you again for your wonderful book.


I just received the beautiful book and have spent part of the day absorbing it. The art is tremendous, as expected, and the extent of the text is far more than I recall in similar volumes.


Claes has delivered a first-class profile book. The texts that are longer and fuller perfectly complement the beautiful profiles. What stands out in my opinion is the varying green flaking nuances of the Japanese fighters. Binding and printing are also first-class. Looking forward to the next book.


The book contains 136 outstanding profile-drawings from Japanese and Allied Fighters. Not only you can view the magnificent large profile-captions but the book gives an interesting impression of the Pacific war as a lead-in. Every fighter-drawing is provided with information about the pilot, his background, the plane and his squadron. It describes also the situation where the plane and its pilot were dealing with. An overall impression of the planes and its men fighting a severe war in the Pacific during WWII. A beautiful hard-cover book with prints on quality paper. A lust for the eye and very interesting for people who love profile side-views and are well interested in the period from WWII.


Another gorgeous book of Claes in my hands, even if the title is one step behind from others WW II combat titles, the planes, camouflage and the men who participated have nothing less than the mighty Luftwaffe subject. I enjoyed the P-38 special camouflages and some very interesting colorful Japanese. I feel pleased and as usually say about Claes books, you must have it in your library it's a must. Looking forward for the next title


Claes did it again. Another superb book about a matter really interesting but sometimes overlooked in the books about WW2. And this time the book is more complete than books before from Claes (and it was very difficult), because there are 130 aircraft profiles (not 124) and the texts are longer and very very interesting. About the profiles, without doubts Claes is one of the best illustrators in the world, and in this book he proves it again. Never before the Pacific aircraft schemes looked so good and astonishing.
In the negative side, we have to wait until October for a new book. Always looking forward a next book. In summary, another jewel from Claes.


I have it since yesterday. Simply gorgeous!


"I am fascinated by the very first moment, outstanding artwork combined with very well researched background information. Quit good mixture of all fighters that participate and my favorite, the J3M Raiden is also covered with several pieces. The introduction is a must to read not only to get the historical background also to understand how these profiles are created. It's another excellent reference for modellers and other interested people by Claes, very well done!" Claes, you could be very proud about your new book, have an extra beer this evening!


Claes´ books are getting better and better, with more exhaustive describing texts. He can be justifyably proud of the result of his labours. Fantastic profiles. Can be strongly recommended. One small point though: The colours are in my view slightly subdued.


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