The book has now starting to be received by my customers

Finally here follows the first review for my new Panzer book. The postal services during this difficult period is much to blame. However more will follow as soon they arrive, they will all be posted here below:

Thanks for this magnificent book again, The artwork is fantastic, I was stunned from the color scheme of the end of the war.


With great pleasure I open and read a new profile book by Claes Sundin. After a very good introduction on German armor camouflage development, here's how a series of well-made profiles with text of interesting and varied objects.

The profiles spanned the period 1941 to 1945 and provided examples of new camouflage that I did not know about, more specifically, the use of "Tropen 1 + 2" far beyond North Africa. Very thoughtful.
I also have to mention the absence of the usual shade of "orange / red" brown on the late armored vehicles. That nuance has always disturbed my mind as no one can believe the concept of orange / reddish brown camouflage.

The fine "weathering" of the profiles must also be emphasized. And last but not least the detailed and informative captions that came with the profiles.


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