My new book has received fantastic reviews and here follows some of the comments from buyers all over the world:

I received the book - thank you! Since I plan to give it to myself as a christmas present I just took a fast glance to see that everything is OK and I love it, the print and the images are of very high quality and the best I have seen anywhere before. I'm already am looking forward "reading" it during christmas holidays.

Jari Hyvoenen/Hungary

Very nice book with the usual high standard of the profiles. Some new profiles I have not seen before. Good job Claes! Keep up the good work!

Zdravko Bahat, Sweden

The book arrived today, and what a fantastic book it is! Excellent work on the profiles Sir. I am really looking forward to your upcoming series. Thanks again for the quick delivery and your wonderful work.

Michael Sturm, Germany

I have just received your book and I really appreciate it. Perhaps I'm not agree on the color issue on some of the profiles included but that is the common issue with old blurry B/W photos. One bonus is all the profiles of machines I heaven´t seen before.

Micke Dahlström, Sweden

Got the book ... fantastic. Enjoyed browsing and enlightening about all the
different Luftwaffe squadron profiles.

Michael Heckenkamp, USA

The book arrived and I am very very glad and proud to hold it in my hands! It's beautiful perfect to me.

Andre Gerken, Germany

I took a first look and it surpassed my expectations. Truly beautiful profiles, full of detail, which make the aircraft almost come alive. Too bad there are only 124 of them... ;-). And a little pity of the misplaced texts in profile numbers 120 and 121. I'm looking forward to your upcoming profile book series as described at the end of this book.

Martin Redeker, Holland

Copy-No. 187 is arrived today. After looking the first pages I have to say, that I find the high-class profiles perfect. I'm looking forward to the new series and beg you for information when the books are edited.

Bruno Schönweiß, Germany

I've just received the book and can only say that I am atonished with the quality you have reached in the artistic skill, and with the printing of the plates. Congratulations!!

Juan Moreno/Spain

Today I received you fantastic book, it was just as I have anticipated! What profiles, printing and paper quality - World class

Jonas Lindström, Sweden

This is a piece of gorgeous work and to be continued in the next volumes in any case! Just carry on.

Georg Menke, Germany

I like the book very, very much. It is an art book for sure. I am very happy that you have added new profiles of Ju-88s and Bf 110s. I also noticed that there are 4 new books coming up.

Tim Bonnen, Germany

The book is great and for sure your profiles are the high end what is possible in profile artwork. I think I have to rework mine. Yours really look mate and not glossy. Very realistic!

Simon Schatz, Austria

I've just received your great book-LUFTWAFFE FIGHTER AIRCRAFT 124 AIRCRAFT PROFILES. I enjoy it very much. I like it. Thank you again for your kind action.

Mitsuo Ashimoto, Japan

It is wonderful. i also have your 2 previous profile book and i really like the larger profile layout. looking forward to your next releases.

David Mc Kee, Northen Ireland

The book is superb: a lot of trilling stuff and with details I've never seen before. Great that you singed my copy. It was also nice with that short graphic presentation of how you make your profiles. I will continue to enjoy your profiles and dream about which one I have to build. I'm also looking forward to your upcoming titles.

Michael Åkerström, Sweden

Thank you very much for this excellent piece of work. I'm looking forward to your new books with even more profiles.

Matthias Kobler, Germany

My first impression is very positive, absolutely a great improve on the quality of the paper and of the print, a really fantastic work.

Flavio Silvestri, Italy

You have done a terrific job, the profile look so real!! I am looking forward to your next publication, and good luck with your own publishing company.

Franck Oudin, Swizerland

I am finding the profiles fascinating and am changing my mind, as I go through the profiles, as to which aircraft I am going to build. The prints are excellent. I am looking forward very much to your next books.

Dennis Savage, United Kingdom

Just to say I received the book and it was just as good as I expected! Superb work my friend, and what a great surprise at the back of the book to discover more are on the way!

Gareth Hector, United Kingdom

The book is absolutely splendid! I am as much impressed as when I have discovered, many years ago, your profiles in Schiffer! Thank you so much for your stunning work!

Antoine Nikollag, Switzerland

I do really like this book. More, I'm pleased to know that you're going to publish several more titles in the near future! Please, let me know as soon as you have release dates. Keep giving us such beautiful pieces of art!

Cesar M. Martin-Saez, Spain

I got the book and how awesome it is. I see that you have some more goodies coming from you in form of four new books, more for me to look forward to. Excited...

Gudmundur Haraldsson, Iceland

Completely awesome!...just got the book today! I will get the others too when they come out. Please keep me posted!

Chris Schaefer, USA

I have just received the book, really superb, fantastic, now I only can wait for the next profiles book,...please more books....

Jose Luis Fauste, Spain

Nice book and great profiles. Looking forward to your new profile-books as announced in this book. Please keep me informed. Thanks for making this signed and numbered publication available to me!

Huib Ottens, Holland

One word comes to mind, Bravo!

Troy W. Molitor, USA

The wait was worth it, WOW! I have both of your other Profile books and this one most certainly raises the bar, superb artwork from start to finish. Look forward to more in the future, well done Claes!

Wayne Little, Australia

just received my book (n°56) and it is absolutely splendid! I am as much impressed as when I have discovered, many years ago, your profiles in Schiffer! Thank you so much for your stunning work, Cheers!

Antoine Brugarolas, Spain

Just received my copy of Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft number 167. What a fantastic collection of profiles! I have several books with Claes' outstanding work and this ranks right up there! A must have for any Luftwaffe or aviation collector who appreciates great artwork! I look forward to adding all of the upcoming books by Claes to my collection!


Ten minutes ago I've recived my book (numbered 102) and it's fantastic! In spite of the fact that there repeat themselves several planes of other books, I see that they are not the same profiles. Already I wait longingly for the 4 new books. Thank you again.

Mauricio Velázquez, Mexico

Bonjour. I receive the book this week and it is really great. Fantastique work as usual !. I prefer when their is more explanation like you have done in previous publications even if I understand this is a limited edition only for the "profiles". I am waiting the other upcoming books with "impatience". When do you plan to edit the Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft Profile Book N°1, N°2, etc ?. I can see profile 110 of Willi Reschke has some small differences compare to the one in previous publication in 1997 page 125, profile N°115 in color (more grey) and home defense band (thin Greyblue horizontal bar). One remark only, I don't like so much even if it is Pictures or Profiles to have big one across the two pages open like for Profiles 6, 41, 110, 119, 124. For me, we loose a lot even if more details because of the scale. Regards.

Jean-François, France

Hello from Tammerfors! In my opinion new one is your best so far. I have all of your`s books and I`d check them out. Big size profiles compares favorably the older ones. Very nice coloring, just like I`always have thought. RLM 76/75/74 is triple grey and it`s not green or purple. In future if I may wish, please.
1. Hardcover because I read books over and over again. 2. I`d like to read what pilot did with that machine. If there must be any writing at all? I´ll look forward to your four other books. Best wishes!


Hello Claes, Just wanted to let you know your book arrived today. What wonderful drawings! You have an exceptional talent! Best regards,

Gary Owen, USA
(now the proud owner of book 163)

Hi Claes, Just to say I received the book and it was just as good as I expected! Superb work my friend, and what a great surprise at the back of the book to discover more are on the way! best regards,

Gareth, United Kingdom

Hello Claes, the book arrived yesterday! Oh Jesus - absolutely GREAT! I noticed on the last page the coming books concerning the Luftwaffe. I will order these -3- volumes. Please inform me about the publishing date! Cheers and many thanks

Werner, Germany

Claes you are a genius. I have my book and I love it, outstanding work! You are an inspiration, love it, love it , love it. We need a large 109 in the next print. Once again thank you! Kind regards!

Jason, United Kingdom

Hi Claes, I eventually have my book in my hands ­ it spent nearly a week at customs at Johannesburg International Airport, but it was worth the wait ! Wow ­ it's stunning, truly a work of art. I really think this is your best work to date, the only problem is that now I need a few more Bf109 & Fw190 models. It is any Luftwaffe modeler's dream ­ Keep up the good work ! I see that you have more books on their way ­ I will have to start saving for them.Thank you for the good service that you gave me. Kind regards

Kobus, South Africa

Has received the book. Perfectly. To you I am very grateful. Yours faithfully

Serik, Kazakhstan


My son Michael is hoding the book, showing one of five "centerfolds" this time a Ju 88 C-6 flown by Wilhelm Beier 10./NJG 1.

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