My new book has already received fantastic reviews and here follows some of the comments from buyers all over the world:

Have recived the book today. am very pleased, a fantastic book and thanks for signed profile picture. I will be buying more.

Mark Sheriff/England

Finally I've received the book. It took a while, but the wait was worth it.
After a quick perusal I'm impressed with the quality of your profiles. They are up to your usual standards.
I'll be looking forward to having a closer look as soon as time permits.

Horst Weisenberger/Germany

Just had a quick look at the new Profile book and it is everything I expected and more. Looking forward to Profile Book 2. Actually, looking forward to all the up coming profile books.

Derek Gibbons/Bermuda

Books arrived today, superb your best, looking forward to your next effort

David McFarlane/Australia

Your book arrived today! As always, a great effort as I enjoy your profile work! Also, thank you for the insert of Fw 190 White 9.

Mark Proulx/Canada

G'Day Claes.
I am very pleased with it and did not realise that you done do many other ones.

Bill Jennings/Australia

It is OUTSTANDING! Wonderful artwork and I love how you put larger versions of many of the personal emblems on the pages as well. I cannot wait for the next books in the series!

Marc Tavasci/USA

What a book .... Next books will be mine !!!

Serge Colette/France

Many thanks for the book that was astonishing. I am very pleased. I like your attention to detail. Amazing artwork. This is a book that leaves no one indifferent if one is interested in Luftwaffe WWII.
I understand that you have done meticulous research, because I could recognize several pictures that the profiles is based on. Some of the profiles included you have made before and therefore, it is interesting to see them again with new details.
As you write, it is the difficulty of interpreting the often poorly exposed black/white images and translate the colors. Often this is the more complicated when the aircrafts where photographed with Ortochromatic film and colored filters.
I think it was nice to read Michael Ullmann's chapter about colors. He is exciting and a great authority on color without any hesitation. His involvement also raises the status of your fine book.

Michael Åkerström/Sweden

I receives your book today and I'm so happy! Congratulation, what a stunning book ! All my favorite aircrafts are in.

Laurent Freidine/France

Very very nice profiles. Well done and looking forward to the next volumes. Please keep me posted.


i just want to drop you a line that i am very happy with the book and the fantastic profiles! You awoke my interest for the planes again!

Johannes Schweizer/Germany

The book arrived here in mint condition two weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know that I find it to be an excellent book that was more than worth the wait and money.

The choice of schemes in the book is just marvellous, some very popular and famous schemes together with previously unseen and interesting schemes. All in superior printing quality and the artwork is just splendid. I wish I could draw like you, what a gift!!!

The chapter about RLM colors containing latest news about late war colors is just perfect and a very interesting addition to the book.

That said, I am already looking forward to all the issues that are yet to come. I will get them all!!!

Bernhard Fredrichs/Germany

The book has arrived! Thanks for the fast shipping. Once again an amazing piece of work in very high quality! I'm looking forward to your future books.

Matthias Kobler/Germany

I have my book, as you know your work is an inspiration. Awesome!!! I am looking forward to the release of the allied aircraft volume, reserve my copy please.

Jason Burton/UK

The new addition arrived in fine form last week to Thousand Oaks California. A sincere Thank you. Most impressive as always. You should be proud of all your hard work and effort. The books give me hours of enjoyment when you put the new volumes together for us mere mortals!

Troy Molitor/USA

Woo Hooo, Got it!! Saaweeeet. Thank you Claes, I am in for your next ones also.

Tim Keily/USA

Back from a week's vacation, I started to go through your book. It is easy to agree with the praise that can be found on the website, the book is your best so far.

Fredrik Schultz/Sweden

I just received book Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft, Profile book No.1 Thank you for your excellent work.

All the best

Ales Ehrenberger/Czech Republic

I recived Profile book #1 in the mail today here in the US and it is a beautiful book. The renderings are fabulous, you are quite talented.

Thank you

Rob Caso/U.S.A

Thanks! I have collected it today. Great work. The info on RLM colors is a real treat. All the best

Jens Jeppsen/Denmark


Stamatios Vordonis/Greece

Your new book is simply amazing! Maybe your best one to date! There are more of my favourite aircrafts in it than ever before :-). Best regards,

Tim Bonnen/Germany
I have just received the bookWOW¡¡¡¡¡¡¡, that is all..only a word is good enough, please put me in the list for the next profile books..all of them. Perfect execution, huge amount of details, very good paper, good ides to limit the profile of large a/c only in a single page, excellent in all aspects, the best of the series

Jose Luis Fauste Duque/Spain

Picked up your book at the local Postoffice yesterday and it's great!!
Keep up the good work!
Marcel van Oosterhout/Holland

I got the book yesterday and I´m really happy with it.

Viktor Kunst/Czech Republic

Just wanted to let you know that I received the first volume in what is going to be a truly comprehensive collection of the finest state of the art full colour profiles of WW2 planes. If this first volume is anything to go by then they are going to be a fantastic addition to any fan of WW2 fighters etc and it's a pleasure to add to my collection and I can't wait for the rest as you finish them. Awesome work my friend, you really nailed this volume !

Giles Reid/UK

Many thanks for a great book that came in the mail yesterday. Wonderful.

Jan Carlsson/Sweden

The book arrived today. Thank you very much for perfect product and a great service.


Sasa Uhlik/Czech Republic

Got the book the other day. Very nice! Looking forward to the next!


Fredrik Gustafson/Sweden

I received the book last monday. Absolutely superb & great work!!! This is the stuff I like! Waiting absolutely hot for the next issues (incl. the Panzer-book)! Many thanks!

Cheers & best regards

Werner Greppmeir/Germany

I have just received this book and I am delighted with it! I will, of course, have to go through it page by page in order to appreciate it fully. By the way, I read a very favourable reference to your book on Hyperscale in the past day or two.

Thanks very much,

Allan Mills/Canada

The book is fantastic. Thank you.

Delmar Davis/U.S.A

Profile book has arrived, VERY NICE!! Well done on another Winner, Sir!

Wayne Little/Australia

I picked up the book at the post office today. Wow! What a wonderful book and collection of profiles! I am very happy to purchase such a book. I sincerely hope you continue to publish more books like this. You are very talented!

Best regards,

Gary Owen/U.S.A

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