My new Allied profile book has already received fantastic reviews and here follows some of the comments from buyers all over the world:

I've just received your book today!. It is splendid, you've outdone yourself.

Mauricio Velázquez, Mexico

Bravo! Congratulations for your last book !!!
The profiles are all very nice and interesting.

Serge Colette, France

I have now worked through your new profile book and find it outstanding. As a serious modeller I can say that your selection perfectly fits my preference list of allied airplane subjects. Gorgeous rendering!

Georg Menke, Germany

I bought your latest book Profile No 2 and I find it very amazing, congratulation!

Flavio Silvestri, Italy

A real great work, like your previous publications.
I look forward to discovering the rest of the series!

Abbet Pascal, Switzerland

Today received your book...and I am happy now!!!

Andrey Tsonin, Russia

What can I say ? Really beautiful as the first one. The only problem : I've not finished watching it I look forward to the next

Eric Camelas, France

Just received your second profile book in the mail at lunch. So I will be able to have a good look at it this evening. Well, I have had a good look. Once again you have excelled. Thank you for another great book showing a segment of history that is now being forgotten. Looking forward to the next one.

Derek Gibbons, Bermuda

I'v got my book today! Many thanks for the inscription!!! Profiles are splendid! Only pleasure!

Antoine Nikollag, Switzerland

Today your book arrived in perfect condition, a beautiful book with many interesting profiles. My favourite is N.94, the Dottie Mae. This P-47 was for 60 years in Austria, on the ground of the lake "Traunsee" nearby Gmunden.

Thanks for signature, I*m looking forward to coming profile books, All the best,

Harald Dorner, Austria

I receive the book from the post office today morning, thanks for the magnificent book i can not wait for the next volume.

Toni Schifano, Belgium

you have done it again! A new masterpiece by Claes Sundin. Beautiful profiles and spot-on colors! AND you are even doing a book about the Pacific Theatre of Operations. Bring it on :-). Oh, and thanks a lot for your kind dedication. All the best

Tim Bonnen, Germany

The book is fantastic in all areas; print quality and, of course, profiles. Congratulations for the superb work!! You can already book 2 copies of your next release that we are willing to see.
As you wrote in your book I am more interested about Luftwaffe profiles (although I love some allied aircraft too like the Thypoon, Tempest or P-40) but I am counting the hours for the weekend to have time to sit and enjoy your book for a couple of hours.

Thank you for the signature and congratulations again!!!!! as it is said in Spain : You are an artist

Sebastian Salazar, Spain

Yesterday I received the # 2 of your book series profiles and I must tell you that personally I find amazing, incredible ... I have really enjoyed the Thunderbolts, many of them, the unknown, and see my beloved Mustang done for you has been a fantastic thing. Other models that I have really enjoyed are the variety of P-40, French, English, American ... is a very nice plane .... others like the Spitfire is very nice, especially the Russian Mk.V with a red beam on the fuselage .... MiG-3 also pretty ... well, let me some because they are many, but I found the book wonderful.

Daniel Zamarbide, Spain

I got the book and it is awesome, thanks for signing it I love that ;) The profiles are masterpiece and I especially love the Mig-3 profiles, one of my favourites cant wait for the next book´s from you. Regards

Gudmundur Haraldsson, Island

Just want to confirm you that my copy of the book arrived on Saturday morning, in mint condition.

I have just time for a first brief look, but I have enjoyed it as much as the previous ones, both for the selection of planes -just missed any "Mossie" and Pe-2 twin engined fighters- and the quality or the profiles. I must say that the "natural metal" finish you have applied to many of the US planes is the best I have ever seen. Congratulations, my friend!

Just keep anxiously waiting for the forthcoming books planned.

César M. Martín-Sáez, Spain

The book arrived yesterday, Very nice profiles, perfect reading when the fall darkness comes.

Carl-Gösta Hultgren, Sweden

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