Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-2

White 9, W.Nr. 8193, flown by Feldwebel Karl Kempf, 7./JG 54, Wesenberg/USSR, 20 August 1941

The following report was made by the Technical Officer in III./JG 54 regarding their hardware during the first five months in action on the Eastern Front:

The number of days in action for a Bf 109 F between first assignment and submission status:

At least 1 day
At most 180 days (more than five months!)
On average 60 days

And the operating hours of an Daimler-Benz DB 601 engine:

At least 12 hours
At most 102 hours
On average 62 hours

Feldwebel Karl Kempf, had up to 20 August, during two months of fighting on the Eastern Front, increased his tally by claiming ten VVS aircraft, thereby reaching 15 kills. The reson for his Bruchlandung (belly-landing) at Wesenberg on this date, when his crate sustained 30% damage is not known. It could been engine trouble but also due to enemy action. Three months later his personal score would stand at 33 victories, thereby being the forth most successful pilot in the III./JG 54, following Oblt. Max-Helmuth Ostermann, with 40, Hptm. Reinhard Seiller, also with 40, and Oblt. Hans-Ekkehard Bob, with 38.

This new profile was made together with four other profiles this week. It would not be included in the planned Luftwaffe Fighter books No 11 or 12, instead it would be put on hold for another future book in my Profile Book series.

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