Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-2

Black 7, flown by Oberfeldwebel Paul Pausinger, 7./JG 54, Siwerskaya/USSR, 13 November 1941

On this day Obfw. Paul Pausinger shot down his eight adversary, claimed as an I-18 it was probably a Yak-1 fighter. This abschüss was definitely long awaited for Pausinger as he had not scored in four months time.

The reason for this is not know, there is no mention of him being wounded in action, perhaps he went on a long leave or perhaps just lost his "shooting eye". Anyway his next and ninth fell before his guns three days later when he downed another VVS fighter, this time an I-16.

Obfw. Paul Pausinger would claim his last and 26th abschüsse on 3 August 1943, a LaGG-3. The next day, he was KIA in his Fw 190 A-5 over Dubrowka. In his total of kills four was claimed over the western front.

Note the interesting zigzag overspray pattern of RLM 76 on the fuselage sides.

This profie, the only one made during the week would be included in the upcoming Book No 14

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