Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-10

Blau 13, W.Nr. 151934 from JGr. 300, Flown by an unknown pilot, found by US troops in an unknown location/Germany, May 1945

The Jagd Gruppe 300 formation during late war is still debated by Luftwaffe "experts". Was it at all formed or is it a pure fiction?

However there are documents from the Luftwaffekommando 6 from 3 may 1945 that in fact confimed its establishment, at least on paper.

What is known is that after the capitulation the Allied troops found a lot of late war Bf 109s with the Blue/White/Blue fuselage band, sporting a short black gruppen bar, perhaps they were machines from JGr. 300.

This profile will be included in my forthcoming "Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft, profile Book No 11.

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