Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-2

Yellow 1, flown by Oberleutnant Rudolf "Rudi" Sinner, 6./JG 27, Nofilia/Merduma. late November 1942.

During late 1942 the II./JG 27 was forced to relocate no less than seven times due to the powerful British North African offensive, from Tobruk, Monastir, Bercam Arco Philaemorum, Magram and finally ended up at Nofilia/Merduma before leaving Africa on 6 December for a rest and refit in Düsseldorf in Germany.

From 23 October when the offensive started the Gruppe would claim a total of 36 Brittish aircraft for an own loss of eight Bf 109 in air-combat with another four damaged. "Rudi" Sinner however would not add another abshüsse.

Rudi Sinner enjoyed most success in aerial combat with JG 27 serving in North Africa. He claimed his first victory on 12 October 1941, when he shot down a RAF P-40 near Sidi Omar. On 4 June 1942, Sinner was appointed Staffelkapitän of 6./JG 27. Six days later, 10 June, Oberleutnant Sinner was shot down near Bir Hacheim by the British Ace, Charles Overton flying a Spitfire Vb fighter of 145 Sqn. RAF.

However on 13 July, it was payback time when Sinner recorded his 10th victory. 11 days later, on 24 July he filed his 19 to 20, a P-40 and a Hurricane downed in two separate missions.

On 31 August, Sinner shot down a Hurricane near Alam el Haifa. His victim was South African Ace, John "Harry" Gaynor of 1 Sqn. SAAF, who crash-landed unhurt. He claimed his 30th victory on 3 September 1942 and his last, his 32nd in Africa would fall before his guns on 6 September, a US fighter downed South of Imayid.

Sinners last posting during the war was as the Gruppenkommandeur of III./JG 7. In this Gruppe he would quickly brought it up to operational status. Sinner was to add three confirmed victories to his tally flying the Turbin jäger including two USAAF B-24 four-engine bombers near Rathenow on 3 March.

On 4 April, Major Rudolf Sinner led seven other Me 262 when the flight was bounced by P-51 fighters from the 339th FG. In the ensuing combat "Rudi" Sinner's aircraft was hit. With his face and hands badly burned, he baled out at low level hitting the ground heavily and was dragged into a barbed wire fence. Pinned down the USAAF fighters then attempt to strafe him. Sinner's wounds were serious enough to keep him out of the rest of war.

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