Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-10

Red 13 flown by an unknown pilot from 2./JG 27, Schwerin-Görries/Germany, mid April 1945

By this time the 2 staffel was commanded by Lt. Johannes Jung, a pilot with four confimed victories. During this period the I./JG 27 flew mostly ground-attack missions and the number of kills was few and far between. In April the pilots in the Gruppe filed 11 enemy aircraft downed, the last abshusse for the war was claimed by Uffz. Walter Neumann on 19 April, his fourth, a Spitfire shot down at 18.55 over Schalsee, a large lake situated 30 km south of Lübeck. During the month the Gruppe lost no less than 24 machines during combat missions, with 3 pilots POW, 11 pilots MIA and 6 pilots filed as KIA.

Note that this Bf 109 G-10 was found intact, belly-landed in a field. The W.Nr. on its rudder is a qualified guess. As it is known that the Gruppen flew this type of G-10, 109s from the 151XXX block, some of them camouflaged in an overall RLM 81/82 colors. This machine had been quoted as "Black 13" however the 2./JG 27 used only red numerals by this time.

This profile is one of twelve made during the week, Red 13 would be included in profile book No 13.

In all I have made 144 new profiles of Luftwaffe single seat fighters this year, 81 of them would be included in book No 13, 48 of them in book No 12 and 15 in book No 11.

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