Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-14/U4

Yellow 5, Probably flown by Feldwebel Heinz Lupertz, 11./JG 53, Kirrlach/Germany, March 1945

The great quality color photo of this machine was taken from the rear, not showing the engine cowling and its spinner. This photo was published on one of the excellent Monogram series of booklets, Close-Up 6 written by Thomas H. Hitchcock. This serie of books from the late 70-ties was by that time a great source for me as a teenager, building plastic modells.

However this photo was of no use as a profile subject, at least not util another photo emerged this year showing the whole fuselage, and suddenly "Gelb 5" became a great profile subject for me to make.

This machine was found by America troops when they overrun Henschel Aero-Engine Works in Kassel on 4 April 1945. Showing it in a rather good condition although stripped by some of its parts for spares. It also shown that it has been repaired, probably after sustaining battle damaged with fillets and new aluminum parts bolt on.

The III./JG 53 was flying the subtypes: G-14, G-14/AS and the K-4 during the last months of the war, and the unit experienced their last G-14 loss on 17 April 1945. This particular G-14 was the U4 version equipped with the heavy punch MK 108 canon.

This profile is one of seven made during the week, and "Gelb 5" would probably be included i profile book No 13.

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