Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-2/R6 trop

Yellow 10, W.Nr. 14800, flown by Feldwebel Hans Döbrich, 6./JG 5, Alakurtti/Finland, late March 1943

This was Fw. Hans Döbrich second Bf 109 G-2. This one was a replacement machine that he recived on 23 March after his earlier G-2 with the W.Nr. 13916 was lost on 14 March, 12 km South of Petsamo due to an engine fire.

On his day 23 March however, when claiming his 50th abschusse he was not flying in his new Messerschmitt, instead he was piloting his Staffelkapitäns, Oblt. Heinrich Ehrler´s G-2 "Yellow 12".

The two Bf 109 G-2 machines of Döbrich have been rather hard to destinct from eachother, both marked as "Yellow 10" and both in a winter camouflage.

However his earlier G-2 machine would also be turned into a profile some day for another up-coming profile book.

Hans Döbrich would fly his last combat mission on 16 July 1943, after calming two Yaks his Bf 109 G-6 was his by Soviet FLAKand threafter his crippled machine was bounced by a VVS P-40 near Fiskerhalsen, his Messerschmitt started buring, forcing hime to beil out wounded into ice cold Petsamo Fjord. However he was lucky to be picked up by a German minesweeper and taking to hospital. His serious injuries however keept him out of action for the rest of the war.

At hospital Hans Döbrich was promoted to Oberleutnant and recivning the Ritterkreuz on 19 September 1943 for 70 confirmed vicories. In total he is accredited with a total of 248 combat missions, and an additional 19 unconfirmed victories.

This profile was first made in 2012 and this version is an updated version made today, just for fun!

Who knows in what profile book they all would be included in, your guess is as good as mine!

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