Messerschmitt Bf 110 E-2

S9+DK, W.Nr. 4095, flown by Unteroffizier Alfred Kopiz, 2./SKG 210, Orscha/USSR, late July 1941

SKG 210 had its origins in the elite Erprobungsgruppe 210 (the test wing for the new Me 210 fighter-bomber), formed at Köln-Ostheim airfield in July 1940. The units Bf 110s flew, fighter-bomber and pin-point ground-attack mission over the British isle. By April 1941 the unit was re-designated I. Gruppe, Schnellkampfgeschwader 210 and tasked with bombing Allied shipping and land-based targets. After the move to the East and participating in the Operation Barbarossa SKG 210 flew over the Central part of the front supporting the German army's encirclement and overrunning of Russian land forces, and later flew in support of the advancing Army Group Centre advance to Moscow. Between 22 June 1941 and 26 July 1941 the unit claimed to have destroyed 823 Soviet aircraft on the ground and 92 in the air, 2,136 vehicles and 165 tanks destroyed for 57 Bf 110s lost to enemy action. One of the losses during this period was this Bf 110 E-2, flown by Uffz. Alfred Kopiz, who was reported MIA with his gunner on 26 July. However the crew was lucky to evade capture and was able to return to their unit, later to participate in the winter battles when they operate in support of the army, covering their retreat.

Note that this profile was created by using a quite unique color film taken during the July battles. Showing the black men bombing up the machine and then later when it later took of from its base at Orscha for another mission.

This profile was the first Bf 110 made in years by me, I guess it was at last four years since I worked with the type. However after I found the color film on the net I simply have to turn it into a profile.

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