Dornier Do 335 A-1

White 113, W.N.r. 240113 Flown by Karl-Heinz Appel, Germany, Spring of 1945

This Do 335 with its black painted underside was attributed to Major Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer, and was said to be crashed by him after a test flight. However according to Schnaufers logbook he flew the Do 335 on two occasions, on the 24 February and again on the 25 February 1945. On both flights Schnaufer took off and landed in Gütersloh for short duration test flights, flying a two-seater, the Dornier Do 335 A-10 subtype.
In fact this machine was flown by Karl-Heinz Appel when it was damaged in a collision with a Bf 109. It was later captured by US troops at Bindlach jacked up in a hangar while undergoing repairs.

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