Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-6

White 12, flown by Hauptmann Herbert Aloe, 4./JG 54, Petseri/Estonia, late March 1944

Hptm. Herbert Aloe would score his last and 34th victory on 21 June, an Il-2 shot down over Viipori in Finland when II./JG 54 particiapte in the quest of trying to stop the Soviet summer offensive towards their "brothers-in arms" Finland. This defence was costly eaven for the, Luftwaffe and JG 54 and one of the losses was Herbert Aloe, who also was listed missing on this day.

Please note the wery polished fuselage of this A-6, in fact the machine was so substantially polished that the camouflage color was also rubbed off in some areas.

This Fw 190 A-6 profile would be included in profile book No 16, due to be published in March 2025

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