Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-6

Black 13, from 2./JG 2, Flown by Leutnant Detlef Grossfuss, Saint-André-de-lÉure/France, August 1943

During this period Focke Wulfs from the 2nd Staffeln in JG 2 experimented with low visibility "High altitude" camouflage by overpainting their crates Gray RLM 74/75 camouflage with the light gray blue RLM 76. Notice that the overpaint made on Lt. Grossfuss (Big foot) machine was rather sloppy done with parts of the underlying two camouflage colors still visible. During this month Detlef Grossfuss claimed no less than six 4-engine RAF bombers on three mission days, on the 12th two Halifaxes, on 16th one Halifax and two Lancasters and finally a "4-mot" on the 17 August.

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