Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-2/A-3 ?

Yellow 7, flown by Oberleutnant Detlev Rohwer 6./JG 1, Woensdrecht/Holland, May 1942

At the outbreak of World War 2, Rohwer was serving with JG 3. Leutnant Detlev Rohwer was assigned to the Stabsstaffel of I./JG 3. He participated in the French campaign and claimed his first victory on 6 June 1940, when he shot down a RAF Blenheim. On 2 September, during the battle of Britain Rohwer during a mission over Manston, his Bf 109 E was hit in the radiator in aerial combat with RAF Hurricane fighters. He was forced to ditch in the sea just off the coast of France. Fortunately he was observed doing so by several of his colleagues and a motorboat was able to rescue him.

However he was soon back in action and 13 days later he would score two Hurricanes. His last over England would be filed on 9 October, another Hurricane claimed South of London. After the invasion of the USSR had commenced he would score heavely adding six VVS aircraft in June, another ten in July, seven in August and by claiming his last, a R-10 on 7 September he reached his 28th abschüsse. He had also claimed six aircraft destroyed on the ground. This all was however not without hardships, as he was shot down twice in combat and making bellylandings.

At the beginning of October 1941, I./JG 3 was withdrawn to Germany for rest and refit after which it was relocated to the German and Dutch coastal region. Here Oberleutnant Detlev Rohwer was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 5 October. On 15 January 1942, I./JG 3 was redesignated II./JG 1. Rohwer commanded the Stabskompanie and, from 20 March, the 6th Staffel of JG 1. Three months later, on 20 June 1942, Oblt. Rohwer was appointed acting kommandeur of II./JG 1. However his stay in JG 1 was over on 14 October 1942 when he was appointed Staffelkapitän of 2./JG 3, based on the Eastern front.

Here he was badly wounded by flak during a low-level attack near Chir on 29 November 1942. He managed to bring his Bf 109 G-2 to friendly territory where he landed safely. His recovery period was a lengthy one for he did not return to his unit until August 1943, by then the JG 3 had been relocated to the Western front on Reichsverteidigung duties.

In the home defence Hauptmann Detlev Rohwer would claim another nine USAAF aircraft, his final and 38th abschüsse was filed on 8 March 1944 when he downed a USAAF P-38 over Hannover.

Rohwer would fly his last combat mission on 29 March 1944 when engagaging USAAF B-17 four-engine bombers. His Bf 109 G-6 was hit by return fire from the bombers forcing him to bellyland it at Mettingen. However after putting down his crippled machine a USAAF P-38 strafed him and he suffered severe wounds. He was soon rushed to a hospital at Ibbenbüren where he had a leg amputated. Unfortunately, the next day, on 30 March he succumbed to his wounds.

Note that I unfortunatly have no photos of the rear fuselage (after the fuselage cross) of this Fw 190 A. Therefore the rear part of the fusealge is a qualified guess, including the 28 abschussbalken on the rudder. Although plausible this profile will not be included in any of my profle books due to the rather speculative nature of it.

I would like to thank my dear friend Delmar Davis for supporting me with the great photos of this machine

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