Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-2

Black 8, W.Nr. 25 230, flown by Oberleunant Wilhelm-Ferdinand "Wutz" Galland, 5./JG 26, Abbeville/France, 2 June 1942

Assigned to 6./JG 26, "Wutz" scored his first victory on 23 July 1941, shooting down a RAF Spitfire fighter near Hesdin. By the end of 1941 his victory total had climbed to three.

4 May 1942 The 5th Staffel Oblt. Wolfgang Kosse wes transferred to a gunnery course, and was then banished to JG 5 in Norway, Oblt. W-F "Wutz" Galland transferred in to the 5th Staffel as Staffelführer, or prospective Staffelkapitän.

By this time Galland had eight victories to his credit. On this day 2 June 1942, he claimed two Spitfires shot down over the Somme Estuary to record his ninth and 10th abschüsse.

On this day JG 26 claimed a total of 11 RAF Spitfires for no own losses, hardest hit was the Canadian 402 Sqn. led by the ace S/L Al Deere who lost seven planes with another total write off and another damaged. Only three Spitfires manage to avade JG 26 and to return back to their base at Rochford. Only one of the RCAF pilot was rescued. Six of those claimes were later confirmed by the RLM.

W-F "Wutz" Galland paticipated in an early morning interception of a Roadstead of Hurrybombers and their Spitfire escort. Three RAF fighters was claimed, althoug just one Hurricane was lost with another two Spitfires that limped back and later was declared as total write-offs. Two of those claimes was later confimed by the RLM, both of them Gallands abschüsse. One Fw 190 was lost with its pilot, Fw. Karl Schieffer, downed by a Spitfire.

This Fw 190 would be included in profile book No 12.

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