Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-6 Y

White 9, W.Nr. 531057, flown by Feldwebel Otto Wiessenberger, Sturmstaffel 1, Salzwedel/Germany, 23 March 1944

During this Thursday, 23 March 1944 the 8th and 9th USAAF conducted another strategic raid on the Reich, this time the target was the cities of Braunschweig and Münster as the Allied air-forces by 1944 focused more at the destruction of the German population. One of the 18 Gruppen that took of this day was Sturmstfffel 1, that was directed towards the 1st Bombardment Wing. After the battle their pilots had claimed six 4-engine bombers with another three probable and additional three damaged for four total losses and two pilots killed and one wounded. One of the pilots that lost his life this day was Fw. Otto Weissenberger who was shot down in his "White 9" that crashed at Nordick. Otto Weissenberger was the brother of no other than the 208 kills ace Theodor "Theo" Weissenberger.

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