Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-6

White Chevron Bar Bar, W.Nr. 550550, Flown by Oberstleutnant Anton Mader, Dorpat/Estonia, March 1944

After Major Hubertus von Bonin was killed in action on 15 December 1943 Oberstleutnant Anton Mader was transferred from JG 11 to JG 54 as its new Geschwaderkommodore.

Arriving at their base at Orscha on 28 January 1944 he took over the command of the "Grunhertz Geschwader". On February 14, the Stab, that was equipped with the Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-6, moved to Wesenberg in Estonia and finally on February 23 they arrived to Dorpat, where it remained for the following months.

On the 25th Mader would claim his first in JG 54, a LaGG-3 for his 68th confirmed victory. Commanding JG 54 Obstlt. Mader had during this period highly experienced Gruppen Kommandeurs and Experten, like Hptm. Horst Adameit of the I. Gruppe, Hptm. Erich Rudorffer of the II. Gruppe and Hptm. Rudolf Sinner commanded the III. Gruppe.

Fighting the VVS from Estonia he would add another four abschusse, two Il-2s and two Pe-2s before the Red Armys powerful Bagration offensive commenced.

The hard battles fought in the East that followed put a strain on Mader who in September fell ill and was relived from his post, transferring the command of JG 54 to Oberst Dietrich Hrabak.

After hospitalization, Mader attended staff training at the Luftkriegschule in Berlin-Gatow. Mader was then posted to the staff of the General der Jagdflieger (General of Fighters), an office by then held by Oberst Gordon Gollob.

Finally in late April 1945, Anton Mader, along with Gollob's staff, was taken prisoner of war by US forces in Austria. When capitulate Mader had amassed a total of 86 confirmed victories.

He could look back to a long career starting already in 1933 when he was conscripted into the Austrian Armed Forces. Later he joined the Fliegerregiment 2, the 2nd Flight Regiment of the Austrian Air Force. Following the Anschluss in March 1938, Mader was transferred to the Luftwaffe and JG 138. Later renamed JG 76. Thearfer he would lead 1./JG 2 as their Staffelkapitän. Theatfter he would take over the position of II./JG 77 and leading the Gruppe during the invasion of the Soviet Union. On 1 April 1943, Mader was tasked with the formation of the newly created JG 11 and became its first Geschwaderkommodore.

After being released from captivity in June 1945 he worked for the American occupying forces. In 1955, after the re-established of Austria, Mader joined the Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte, holding the rank of Oberstleutnant. He served with the Fliegerführungskommando (Air Command) and was promoted to Oberst in the general staff in 1961 and to Brigadier in 1966.

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