Focke Wulf Fw 190 D-9

White 1, W.Nr. 212133 from IV./JG 51, Flown by an unknown pilot, Eggersdorf/Germany, 20 April 1945

In mid-April 1945, IV./JG 51 received a number of Fw 190 D-9s. Most if not all collected from JG 26 surplus and ferried over to JG 51 forth Gruppe base at Eggersdorf. After briefly operating with 13. and 14. Staffeln, all but one or two of these machines were flown from Parchim/Redlin tp Flessburg on May 2 to await IV./JG 51s surrender to the British forces.

In the final three weeks of combat defending Berlin, this Gruppe flying a mix of Fw 190 As and Ds claimed 115 enemy aircraft shot down for the loss of only five pilots. Most notable Dora aces in the Gruppen was Obfw. Heinz Marquart who between 14 April and 1 May manage to claimed no less than 22 enemy aircraft. An another high JG 51 scorer in the "Dora Nine" was the Gruppenkommandeur of IV./JG 51 Oblt. Günther Josten who on 25 April 1945, claimed nine aerial victories in his Fw 190 D-9, his most successful day as a fighter pilot.

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