Messerchmitt Me 262 A-1a

White 1, W.Nr. 111631, flown by an unknown pilot in Jagdverband 44, JV 44, München-Riem/Germany, late April 1945

This machine was found by American tropps at München-Riem and was listed incorrectly as W.Nr. 111361 on 26 April 1945.

White 1 was part of General Adolf Gallands personal fighter unit and he instucted his pilots to fly the Jet-fighter with full trottle, due the problems with the engines, and their flame outs due to forced trottle movements.

This of caused the engines, the Junkers Jumo 109-004 life expectancy to be reduced to more than half of the 15-20 hours it was designed for.

This profile was one of two made during the week, and it would be included in profile book No 15, due to be published in March 2025

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