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Profile book No 15 - The work in progress:

7 November, I have by now started to work on a new Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft book, Profile Book No 14. Along time prodject that will take me more than two years to complete. Much due to the fact that to the fact that I have to be out searchng for new intersting profile subjects. Two of the interesting profile subjects was during this week turned into new profile, Günther Seeger G-6 published today and a Bf 109 F-4 flown by Leutnant Hermann Graf.

14 August 2022, after finished the 75th profile for this book this week. Most of Luftwaffe fighter profiles made during the last two weeks was flown on the Eastern Front. Profile material found thanks to new photos that was to be found in Priens jagdwaffe book series, specific book No 15/I.

22 August, during the week I have manage to make another seven profiles, mostly Eastern flown fighters, most of them would be included in Profile Book No 15.

28 August, during the week I have only manage to make an additonal three profiles for the book, Two Fw 190 A-8s and one Bf 109 G-10 from JG 27.

11 September, with the profile made two weeks ago and the seven made this week, eight new profiles have been made for this book, like Ehrlers Bf 109 E-7 "Weisse 2".

18 September, four additional profiles was made during the week, On Dora nine, that of Hanusch machine published today, together with one Me 163, One Bf 109 F-2 and finally One Bf 109 Emil, a profile that I will be able to make both a righ and a left hand side profile, one of the few!

25 September, five additional profiles was made for thus book during the week, the laft hand side profile of a Emil, one Bf 109 G-10, one more Me 163, one Bf 109 E-7 and finally one Bf 109 F-2.

2 October, during the week I have manage to make another eight profiles, two Fw 190s and six Bf 109s. One of the Fe 190s was the machine published today, the Fw 190 A-8 flown by Uffz. Dietrich from JG 5.

To be published in October 2023

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