The Bf 109 G-6 on this cover was flown by Hauptmann Adolf Borschers, I.Stab/JG 52

Note that this book cover is just a draft and could be changed at a later date

Profile book No 15 - The work in progress:

16 August 2023, by now I have made the selection process decided what 130 profiles should be included in this my 21st Profile book.

10 September 2023, As you know profile book No 15 and 16 is also in the pipeline, however due to really bad times here in the western Europe, sales has gone down at the same time producing the books is now much more expensive, so I will put them both on hold, waiting for the war in Europe to be over and that we over here are getting back to more normal economic conditions.

To be published in June 2025

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