Here follows all reviews I have recived to date, 17 July:

The latest book by the author Claes Sundin which deals with German single-engine fighters from the time 1937 to the end of the war in May 1945, (exception Me 262). The book is of high quality (30x21 cm) presents 130 fantastic color pictures of German fighter jets in profile and most with information about the pilots who flew the said fighter jets at different times and times. The book differs markedly from the previous books as there is now much more text describing the history of the pilots who flew the plane and when they became pilots, which connected and was in Europe/North Africa and how it went for the pilots during the dark war years. I think this makes the book very good. As a model builder and member of IPMS, I like to build aircraft in scale 1/48 My own reflection on the book and the color scheme of all aircraft profiles is that the colors specified, eg RLM 65 (determined by Reich Luftfahrt Ministerium), and the profile pictures are based on newly painted machines that have not been exposed to weather and wind. After many years in the armed forces, I have seen newly painted objects for a long time, all painted according to the regulations. After a year or two of training, most of the machines used have their own shade of color. When painting German aircraft, the book is a very good reference and starting point, but it is still you who should be happy with your model.


This work is strait in line with the previous ones. The profiles are highly detailed and accurate. Those profiles are real masterpieces. The captions are story telling. They will tell you more than a simple description of the profile. They will give you a context to it, historically with the period of time or with the life of the pilote. I personally enjoyed it. Needless to say that I am looking forward for PB No 13 and especially for PB No 14 about the JG 52!


Over the last few years I have puchased quite a few of Claes' profile books. His work truly amazes me. He captures Luftwaffe aircraft in a way few artists does. This no. 12 edition is no exeption. I particulary love "Luftwaffe of the high North" subjects and in every book I find some. I will continue to support his work for as long as I am able.

Dag Roger/Norway

Again, Claes did it. The new book is a jewel for the Aviation fans and of course a must have. It is difficult that after wonderful books, Claes can do a better book but he achieved it again. If you like profiles, the book has really pretty and accurate profiles but this time the text is longer so the info about each aircraft is perfect. I have all of them, but if you don't have all the books of Claes, you are wasting time because I think that all his books are artworks. And this new book is without doubt the best of all of them. Kudos Claes. Always looking forward to your next book. PD: This time Claes has a nice surprise for all of us in the shape of a captured Typhoon. What more could you want? Nothing, of course. Regards.


I have only "skimmed" the book, but I must express my great admiration for your work. The profiles are "Spitzen-class", but I already know that, because I have several books from you. Wonderful profiles, and you get a picture of what the plane looked like the day you write about in the texts. And your table of contents is great ... then you can look for your "favorite" pilot and find him (in any of your books) and see how he evolved and what planes he flew and what units he belonged to. But what I like most is your detailed texts (to say the least) under the profiles. As you write in the preface, I understand that you have spent a lot more time searching for and cross-reading all these documents, and then compiling the captions. You get a picture in front of you when you read how it was and how the pilots lived and fight in that time. So I conclude what - a wonderful book, the best you've done so far. look forward to your next. Yours sincerley


"Once again, I would like to note the quality of your work and the judicious choice of aircrafts that you have represented in the last two volumes. I particularly appreciate your style and the rendering of the profiles. The colors and the weathering are just right perfect, even if we can always argue about the interpretations. They are real pieces of art that fully evoke monuments of history... Personally, if I had to make a suggestion for a next book, I would appreciate a volume dedicated to German jets, and why not completed with prototypes that have been produced..."Thank you again and with all my support for you to continue this series!


Your books are always highlights of my aviation book year. New inspiration for my future plastic modelling subjects. For modellers and aviation history fans, Luftwaffe fighter profile book 12 is continuation to search and learn, using older Claes books together with this new one. Book nro. 12 still works on its own if you do not choose to buy all of them. Lesser-known pilot stories are included in this book with "experten" stories icing the cake. I like those and also story line that is linear in time and counts all most important battles in which Jagdwaffe fought.


This book is yet another masterpiece! The selection of profiles is excellent- I very much like the mix between well known machines resp. pilots and lesser known or even unknown pilots. My focus is very much on the 1944/45 period and I find the groundwork done by you in that respect superb! The profiles themselves are superbly executed and the attention to detail - in particular regarding wear and tear - is unsurpassed. The captions are a huge bonus for me and having done some modest amateur research myself for about 40 years I can definitely appreciate the underlying time and effort! The index is also extremely useful, especially if one owns all your Luftwaffe books... Most highly recommended and I am eagerly looking forward to your
forthcoming books!


Claes Sundin's new book Number 12 is truly fabulous, I have never seen aircraft profiles so accurate and truthful. The planes look real and the colors perfect. I am a model builder and this book is for me a source of inspiration for new models, as well as a feast for the eyes. Mr. Sundin is certainly the best writer and designer of these planes and a very kind person, who has always answered and helped me for my models. In conclusion, a book that cannot be missed by any lover of Luftwaffe planes, a true masterpiece !!!


Your new book, profile book 12, is on my hands, really worthy to wait as the result and the content is impressive as usually. The quality of the profiles and the information provided for each one are really amazing, every book is better. I don't know really which is the limit on the quality of your book and work. And as usually I will add some new models on my collection growing thanks to your books. Just waiting for the next ones again.

Jose Luis/Spain

Here we go again! I have just received Claes Sundin´s Profile Book No 12. The book follows the familiar pattern of Luftwaffe fighter aircraft profiles in chronological order from 1937 and onwards, the exception being a captured Hawker Typhoon. The standard is as always exceptionally high with an astonishing attention to detail. The captions are most informative. It should be noted that Claes does not shy away from some disturbing facts such as the use of slave labor in aircraft production towards the end of the war and, on a much lesser scale, some dubious claims made by a highly decorated pilot. There is also an updated index. Highly recommended to all enthusiasts and modellers. I am already looking forward to Profile Book No 13 and, above all, the forthcoming JG 52 book.


Bravo, today I received your new excellent book, Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft Profile Book NO 12
The subject of Luftwaffe camouflage continues to fascinate as witness this second collection of Luftwaffe fighter color profiles.This book is a must-have for all Luftwaffe enthusiasts and modellers.
This latest volume depicts 130 single-engine Luftwaffe fighters - Bf 109s, FW 190s, Me-163, Me 262s and Do-335 M 14,in full color along with accompanying stories on the aircraft's pilot. The resulting book is a feast for the eyes and great reading as well. Along with recreating several well-known schemes, they have unearthed new and interesting markings. The pilots covered range from well-known Experten like Adolf Galland,Hans-Joachim Marseille, Walter Dahl, Georg-Peter Eder, Gerhard Barkhorn, Anton-"Tony" Hackl ,to less well-known aces such as Hans Joachim Steinkamp, Walter Stumpf, George Hippel. Lastly, since the profiles are chronologically arranged, one can also see the fascinating progression of Luftwaffe schemes from first to last. All in all, a great piece of work!

Ales/Czech Republic

What can I say about profile book No. 12 ? Another work of art, as I expected. Very detailed profiles of rare subjects with related caption as usual, the perfection of art !!! A book of emotions and inspirations for the Luftwaffe historian and model makers.


As always with your books I'm very happy with the result of volume 12. It is a fantastic mix of excellent color profiles. Especially I like the exotic ones like the Me 163 of Erprobungskommando 16 and the Typhoon from Zirkus Rosarius. Also the long captions are very much appreciated.
Looking forward to many more profiles and volumes still to come!


Words cannot do it justice, but I will try A 5 star rating, well written, beautifully illustrated and informative. I can't believe, how good it is, thank you for signing it and carry on with your brilliant work.


Wow, what a book, full of even more surprises!!! Your profiles are breathtaken and what more can I say: well done Claes and keep up the good work.


Profile book 12 really lives up to all my expectations, the selection of aircraft profiles is perfect. The reproduction of the different types of camouflage in color and shape is very well done.
Colors and shades perfectly executed in the different profiles. Long and hard service is faithfully reproduced, very good! Print and binding are of top quality. The packaging for the delivery is perfect, no damage! This is a book I can highly recommend.


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