The book has now starting to be received by my customers

Here follows the first reviews for my new Axis Fighter Profile book:

Claes has spoild us all each summer / fall publishing a new profile book, and if that is not enough, he continually honored us by raising the quality of his work. Axis Fighter Aircraft closely follows this ambitious tradition. Traditionally, the text is also of high quality, and in this book no one would be disappointed.
Claes has found, for me, the vast majority of unknown profile subjects. This is the book that no model builder with the wish to create an unusual Bf 109 can be without. Here's the reader would find Air Forces I barely knew that they exist, by others the anti communist Russian Air Force, flying Bf 109 fighters. There is also a large number of Japanese army fighters included. Some of these I have found in books published by Osprey, and those who have been interested in these will of course have a great exchange of Claes' profiles.
Is not there anything missing? Yes, of course, one must have something to look forward to. For one thing, my personal favorites in the two Italian Air Force, the Centauro and Sagittario, is unfortunately not included in this publication, although there are a handful of nice Mc 205 Veltro´s, but ........Likewise, I would like to se a multi nation color chart. Because it is not the "standard Luftwaffe" camouflage colors (except in some cases), as in the past, one has to mix the colors by oneself. Anyway, Claes has done it again, and now I'm awaiting excitement at Pacific Fighters (even though they do not really fall within my sphere of interest).

Rolf Kant/Sweden

I have just finished looking at your newest book release "Axis Fighter aircraft - Profile book No. 8". The book is excellent. Your crisp and colourful profiles continue to fascinate and inspire.The subtlety of your work is truely amazing. For enthusiasts of Axis fighters of the second world war, this is a required book to have.

Lorne Wrappler/Canada

Recently I have received in my hands the Profile book No 8. What a wonderful profiles they are. I found the Italian and Japanese camouflage plus markings as well the different Axis air forces profiles very interesting. Funny, but every latest release looks that it must be the top-ceiling of Claes skills. How very wrong could I be as he somehow surprise us all with this, his latest book, with even higher standards. I hope that before the year's end we would see another book release. Best regards.

Stamatios Vordonis/Greece

I have to express my admiration - you have succeeded again. Your profiles are amazing, but we have been spoiled by the past. The setting up of states that participated in the axis powers was very informative and good - did not know that so many countries contributed to their effort. And the pages that showed the comparison of the various plans are the superb - I think that so many, like me, are surprised. Did not know that the IAR Vanator 80B was such a large airplane. It's a good blend of profiles, and your profile texts raises the level of the entire book. It gives a day-to-day picture, describing how the aircraft appeared on a special occasion or a special day and what happened to the pilot or its unit. Very good that you brought so many Japanese profiles, as I understand that there is very hard to find publications and stories about these types and their pilots. Many thanks for a wonderful book.

Janne Carlsson/Sweden

The book has arrived, and now I'm starting to read. At first sight...marvelous. I particularly like the small details, the weathering, etc. Your interpratation of camouflages accurate and extremely lifelike. The worn look of the Japanese aircrafts simply amazing! You are really a Master of art. Thank you again, and best wishes,

Sándor Fülöp/Hungary

Had a look at your new book and I really enjoy to see that your skills improved with every new publication.The fine details and the shade of colours are excellent. Also the selection of aircrafts is interesting and thesubtitles includes many good researched information. It's a pleasure to leaf through this new example like their predecessor. Looking forward to your next example. Best regards

Thorsten Ogrzall/Germany

The book Axis fighter aircraft - Profile book no. 8 have arrived (in perfect condition).
As usual, the book is a masterpiece of common and unusual profiles from all corners of the earth (almost). The selection is absolutely wonderful when you find out all the Axis aircraft and I mean all Axel powers, even some I did not even know, or had German aircraft. As a Swede, the Finnish airplanes are hot for me, especially Brewster Model 239 (Buffalo) and of course Messerschmitt Bf 109. Of interest are also all the different Italian camouflage variants. Even Japanese variants are interesting, especially KI-61 and KI-84. The different countries over/rearranging the German-supplied aircraft are worth mentioning not only for the new owners' painting/marking but also for the German painting variants for each aircraft developed during the war.
The profiles are usually almost perfect. Reproduction of colors, dirt and abrasion, etc. are perfect. The texts are very informative and filled with relevant content that reflects the course of the war in a good way. Pressure and binding are also of the highest grade. Looking forward to the next profile book!

Jonas NP Lindström/Sweden

Yes, Claes did it again. Kudos Claes. The new book about Axis aircraft is really a jewel for the Aviation fans. Every profile is superb (I have to say that as always) and several Air Forces are treated. I really enjoy when look at the few known Spanish or ROA planes, but Italian, Japanese, Finnish, etc, look like they are ready for take off. Every fan of the Air war in WW2 would enjoy with every profile and the very very very complete history about each plane. Thanks for your work

Eduardo Gil/Spain

This is an excellent addition to my collection. As in all Claes previous books, this one is well researched, and contains beautifully drawn profiles of the highest accuracy and detail. The book is printed on high quality paper which adds to the overall presentation. I consider myself a bit of an expert having researched aircraft of World War 2 for 35 years, Claes books are among the most prized in my library. I look forward to each publication, which I have no hesitation in ordering as soon as it is possible to do so.

John Johnson/UK

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