Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-3

White 10, W.Nr. 921, flown by Feldwebel Emil Clade, I./JG 1, Monchy-Breton/France, 26 May 1940

Emil Clade was a glider pilot in the early 30-ties and joined the Luftwaffe in 1936. Later under the command of Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar in 1./JG 1, Uffz. Emil Clade served during the German Blitzkrieg of the Low Countries in May 1940. He claimed his first victories on the first day of the campaign on 11 May, when he shot down a Belgian Gladiator biplane fighter near Maastricht in the morning hours and a French LeO 451 twin-engine bomber on an evening mission, also in the Maastricht area. Clade claimed his third, a Morene 406 over Compiégne on 17 May. And on this day, 26 May he would file his last during the French campaign, a RAF Spitfire downed over Calais. He continued to fly under the leadership of Wilhelm Balthasar, the most successful pilot during the battle with 23 victories. The rest of the pilots off the Staffeln claimed an additional 15 to reach the total of 38 abschusse, all for an own loss of 10 Bf 109s in combat, with one pilot KIA and another two POW. After the defeat of France I./JG 1 was the only Gruppe of the Luftwaffe continued to apply aircraft numbers and staff markings on both sides of the engine cowling .This practice continued after the Gruppe was renamed III./JG 27 on 5 July 1940. This Emil must have been a "hot bird" as it later was "taken over" by the Kommandore Max Ibel and later the Staffelkapitän of 3./JG 2 Oblt. Hennig Stumpel. Hauptmann Emil Clade, by then the leader of 7./JG 27 would file his 27th and last kill on on 22 February 1945, a P-38 shot down over Much on 25 February 1945.


This is one of nine profiles made by me during the week, by this I reached the 130 profiles that should be included in profile book No 13, the job is by other word done! This one of Clades Bf 109 E-3 would be included in Profile book No 11.

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