Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-3

Chevron-Bar, flown by Leutnant Berhard Malischewski, Stab./JG 76, Ober-Olm/Germany, May 1940

I./JG 76 under the command of Obersleutnant Richard Kraut took part in the attack on the West in 10 May 1940. During the German advance the Gruppe change bases no less than13 times ended finally up in Brüssel on 22 June, three days before the armistice.

During the fighting in the West the pilots in the Gruppe filed claims for a total of 69 abschüsse for an own loss of 13 machines due to all causes including 2 machines lost in air-combat.

One of the pilots scoring during this time was Lt. Berhard Malischewski from Stab/JG 76 who claimed a RAF Blenheim over Sedan on 14 May for his second abschüsse.

He would score his last and third victory, a Spitfire downed over London on 27 September. Two weeks later, on 12 October 1940 he would be on the receiving end, when shot down by no other than legendary RAF ace Flt Lt Bob Stanford Tuck. Taken POW his machine a Bf 109 E-4, W.Nr. 4869 then "toured" England.

Note the fuselage camouflage of RLM 02 with the upper camouflage consisting of RLM 71/02. Note also the Blue spinner, could also have been painted in Green.

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