Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-7

White 2, flown by Leutnant Heinrich Ehrler, 4./JG 5. Alakurti/Finland, late April 1942

Heinrich Ehrler was remembered after the war by his pilots as a quiet, slightly lost person on the ground, probably a result of the fact that, as a Kriegsoffizier, felt inferior to the professional officers in his unit. As a result, he often retreated when discussions arose among the pilots.

As a pilot, however, he was without inadequacy, known as an excellent marksman and dogfighter that set very high demands on himself, demands which made the pilots under his command following his example, setting as high demands on themselves as their Kapitän and later Kommandore did.

Note the badge of the 4./JG 5 on the engine cowling and the nine abschussbalken on the rudder.

This is one of seven profile made during the week, most if not all would be included in the Profile Book No 15, due to be published in 2024.

This is one of 130 profiles that is to be include in the future Profile Book No 15

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