Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-7

Black 1, flown by Oberleutnant Friedrich-Wilhelm Strakejahn, 2(J)./LG 2, Mamaia/Rumania, September 1941

Known as "Straks", Friedrich Wilhelm Strakeljahn was born on 7 September 1914 at Lübeck in northern Germany. He joined the Luftwaffe in pre-war times, and was serving as the Gruppenadjutant of I.(Jagd)/LG 2 when the Germans invaded Poland. He became Staffelkapitän of 2.(Jagd)/LG 2 on 20 May 1940, the day after he achieved his first two aerial victories over France (both Lysanders). With 2.(Jagd)/LG 2, Strakeljahn gained at least five victories in the West. He was appointed Staffelkapitän of 12./JG 5 on 1 July 1942, and in February 1943 he became the first Staffelkapitän of 14.(Jabo)/JG 5. Strakeljahn received the Ritterkreuz on 19 August 1943 for his outstanding leadership, and at the time he had a total of nine aerial victories. Strakeljahn became Gruppenkommandeur of II./S.G. 4 on 19 May 1944. On 6 July 1944 while flying FW 190 F-8 W.Nr 931 018, Strakeljahn suffered a direct hit from anti-aircraft fire west of Macuty, near Dünaburg, and was killed. He is buried at Daugavpils in Latvia. For the young pilots of 14.(Jabo)/JG 5, Hptm. Strakeljahn was an important figure. According to one of these men, "Hptm. Strakeljahn was like a father to us - he was a very good officer".

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