Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-2

Black 12, flown by Oberleutnant Heinz Lange, 1./JG 54, Dünaburg/Germany, 5 July 1941

Heinz Lange joined the Luftwaffe in 1937. After completing his pilot training he joined 4./JG 234 at Düsseldorf, later serving with II./JG 132 and II./JG 26. On 15 July 1939, Lange was transferred to 1./JG 21 based at Gutenfeld in East Prussia.

He flew his first combat missions during the Polish Campaign. Lt. Lange would claim his first Abschuss on 30 October 1939, when he shot down an RAF Blenheim near Quakenbrück, the enemy machine was flown by F/O DF Elliott from 18 Sqn.

Thereafter he participated in the French Campaign. After I./JG 21 was re-designated III./JG 54 Lange was assigned to the Stabstaffel. In August, Lange was promoted to Oberleutnant and was transferred to 8./JG 54 on 25 August. Flying in the Battle of Britain Lange participated in a number of fighter-bomber missions over the Channel. This was continued during the Balkan Campaign.

During "Unternehmen Barbarossa", III./JG 54 flew in support of Army Group North in its drive on Leningrad. On the eight day posted to the East he would score his first abschusse, a DB-3 over Dünaburg, one of one of 27 DB-3 bombers was hacked to pieces by his III Gruppe over this town.

Then five days later, on 5 July Obelt. Lange would claim another two DB-3s over Ostrow, both within two minutes. In total Lange claimed a meager six victories in the III Gruppe before he was appointed Staffelkapitän of 1./JG 54 on 1 October 1941 and a week later he would score his eight abschuss by downing a MBR-2.

Note the two Abschussbalken on the rudder of Langes machine, one brittish roundel and a red star for his first VVS aircraft shot down.

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