Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-4/Z

Black 1, W.Nr. 7317, flown by Leutnant Emil Omert, 8./JG 77, Sarabus/USSR, 6 February 1942

On this day, 6 February 1942 the III./JG 77 participated in Freie Jagd and ground atack missions, their machines often equipped with bombs. The main force was consetrated around the German Brighdhead in the Wolchow area.

During the days fighting the pilots in the gruppe reported 29 truckks and a large number of sledges destroyed. In the North and the south of Wolchow area two lokomotoves was destroyed including attacks on three freight trains where two was stopped by their attacks.

No own losses was reported, besided the macine of Leutnant Emil Omert, that due to engine problems he was forced to bellyland his Bf 109 F-4/Z at Wladiskawowka. the machine sustained 20% damage.

By this time Lt. Omert had amassed his 40th abschusse, a R-5 two weeks ealier, on 24 January 1942. He would not claim until the 23 February when he manage to down a I-153 and a I-15 within 15 minutes, for his 41 to 42nd abschüsse.

Leutnant Omert was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 19 March 1942 for 45 victories. He claimed his 50th victory on 12 June. He flew his 500th mission of World War IIß on 22 June that year.

When III./JG 77 relocated to North Africa in October 1942, Omert had 53 victories to his credit. He claimed six victories over North Africa. He was later to claim a further eight victories over Sicily and southern Italy. He was wounded in aerial combat on 13 July 1943.

From 29 January till 31 March 1944 he was acting Gruppenkommandeur of II./JG 77. On 4 April 1944, Omert was appointed Gruppenkommandeur of III./JG 77 based in Romania. He claimed three USAAF four-engine bombers shot down in this theatre.

Finally Omert was shot down in aerial combat with USAAF four-engine bombers over Finta Mare on 24 April 1944. He baled out of Bf 109 G-6 (W.Nr. 160 826) "Yellow 1", but was then shot dead while hanging in his parachute.

In total Emil Omert was credited with 70 victories in over 700 missions, including 125 fighter-bomber and ground attack missions. He recorded 20 victories over the Western front, including four four-engine bombers. In addition he claimed 25 aircraft destroyed on the ground and a Russian high-speed patrol boat sunk.

Note the 40 Abschussbalken on the rudder of Emil Omert´s machine.

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