Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-4 trop

White 2, W.Nr. 8749, Flown by Oberfeldwebel Otto Schulz, 4./JG 27, Maratuba/Libya, 15 February 1942

31 years old Oberfeldwebel Otto Schulz was one of the oldest pilots in JG 27, was together with the "star of Africa", Joachim Marseille one of the top scores on the German side in North Africa.

Known as "one-two-three-Otto" by his fellow comrades, due to his talent of downing several British aircraft in a row. One example is on this day, 15 February 1942 when the British ace "imshi Mason led 20 P-40 Kittyhawks in an attack on II./JG 27 fighter base Martuba in Libya.

Only one Messerschmitt manage to take off during the attack to intercept the enemy formation, the machien of Obfw. Otto Schulz. Within a couple of minutes, five British pilots was shot down, Squadron Leader "Imshi" Mason, Sergeant Wightman, Sergeant Belcher, Pilot Officer Marshall and finally Sergeant McQueen, who was however able to force-land his brand new P-40.

Its interesting to note that "Imshi" Mason was by this time one of the most successful British pilots combatting the Italian Regia Aeronautica over North Africa. Flying in his Hurricane he took a heavy toll of the Italian biplanes and bombers encountered during the winter offensive in 1940/41. And in January 1942 he was awarded with the Distinguished Flying Cross for a total of 13 confirmed victories.

However fighting against the Germans was another matter, In April 1941 "Imshi" met the 7./JG 27 over Malta and he was promptly shot down and injured by Oblt. Klaus Mietusch. He would not be back into action over Africa due to his injuries utill early February 1942 when he took over the command of No 94 Squadron.

Otto Schulz, one of the leading experten on the German side would himself rerun to Africa in May 1942 after a well deserved leave, receiving the Ritterkreuz and and an a promotion to officer rank. On 17 June he would fly his last mission over Sidi Rezegh, shot down in combat with P-40E Kittihawks. By this time Oberleutnant Schulz had amassed a total of 51 confirmed victories.

Note the 42 Abshussbalken on the rudder of Schulz Bf 109, with three VVS Red stars and 39 British roundels. In fact this total does not correspond with his actual score, as by downing his five opponents this day he increased his tally from 40 to 44 victories.

This is one of six profile made during the week, at least three of them would be included in the Profile Book No 15, due to be published in May 2024.

This is one of 130 profiles that is to be include in the future Profile Book No 15

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