Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6

Yellow 3, flown by Unteroffizier Rolf Burkhardt, 9./JG 301, Zerbst/Germany, Spring of 1944

This profile is one of the seven made by me this week, the another six includes new found machines that was flown by well-known aces such as Adolf Galland, Walther Oesau, Herbert Rollwage, Eugen-Ludwig Zweigart and Josef Zwernemann.

The fact that I´m still able to find such interesting profile subjects amazes me, especially new profiles of machines flown by some of the top aces. However by hard work and in depth research this is apparently still possible. I guess there will be a lot more of the same stuff in the future!

Unfortunately for the website visitor, the most interesting profiles would not be presented until my profile books No 11, 12 and 13 is published. That is to say if you not order books from me, then one of this highly interesting profiles could be included in the ordered book package as a special gift from me to the buyer.

With these seven profile I have by now made a total of 340 profiles, enough machines to fill more than two and a half Luftwaffe fighter profile books!

Uffz. Rolf Burkhardt would file at least four abshusse as a Luftwaffe fighter pilot. Note that his Gustav is equipped for night fighting. althoug by this time the number of day missons flown by JG 301 would increase on a monthly basis.

This profile including the another six made during the week would be published in my profile book No 13 (one and a half year from now).

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