Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-14

White 5, W.Nr. 464652, flown by an unknown pilot in, 9./EJG 1, Görlitz/Germany, late April 1945

Ergänzungs Jadgdeschwader 1 was established from Ergänzungs Jagdgruppe Ost on 4 November 1944. Commanded by Hauptmann Schorsch Seckel the III Gruppen would untertake operations and training simultaneously. However already in March 1945 the 12./EJG 1 was disbanded, soon to be followed in April by 10th and 11th Staffeln leaving just the Stab and 9th Staffeln operational. Little is unfortunatly know about the EJG 1 operations during 1945.

However as I have up to date made three late war Bf 109s from this unit, this G-14 and two K-4s, I need to dig in deaper to find the information as I plan to publish the Bf 109 K-4s in profile book No 12 and 13, this G-14 would follow in Profile book No 14.

Note, for the unit typical white triangel in top of the rudder. Note also an overpainted numeral on the fuselage side, also somthing typical for this Geschwader, as most if not all their machines was transferred from other units till fill its ranks.

This profie would be included in the upcoming Book No 14

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