My new Profile book - Work in progress

25 November, during this week I have been making my first Vought F4U Corsair for the book, In all I have now finished of no less than 52 Pacifis Fighers for the upcoming book. The first F4U-1A profile of this type is "Big Hog", Flown by Capt. Blackburn in November 1943.

2 December, during this week I have made an additional seven F4U-1 Corsairs for the book, that is to say eight in all, five more will be done before I start on the next aircraft type.

9 December, During this week I made the 12th and final Corsair for the book. Next new profile to be made from scratch is the F6F Hellcat.

16 December, I have been working om Pacific P-40s this week including Capt. John S. Chennaults Alutian machine. At the same time updated some Corsairs, like the well known White 29, the F4U-1A flown by Lt. Ira Kepford. I have also searched for interesting US profile subjects for the book, USAAF fighter-aircraft types such as the P-38, P-39, P-40, P-47 and P-51.



Here will follow a selection of the 126 profile included in my next profile book

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