German Tanks III - My work in progress

14 July, during this week I have been making panzer IV:s for my new panzer book. In all I have to date made 20 profiles, close to a third of the panzers included in the new book. Next week I will make the last of this type and then get going on the Panzer III.

28 july, I have taken som time off from my profilemaking during the last week, however today I will make the last and tenth Panzer IV for the new book, a J subtype from 3rd Panzer Division.

4th of August. All Panzer IV is by now made. The next panzer in line is the Panther, starting with an IR equipped version.

11th August, During the week I have manage to make six Panther and two Panzer IIIs for the book. One of the new panzers made is the "White 100" from 1.Pz.Abt.18, from 18th Pz.Div.

18th August, I have manage to make another three Panzer III, three Panthers, and one Jagdpanther four Tigers I, including the Tiger I S20 below from Panzerregiment "Grossdeutschland".

Here will follow a selection of the 64 profile included in my next Panzer profile book

Tiger I Ausf. H, Nr. S20, SS-13./Pz.Div. Grossdeutschland, Reschetilowka/USSR, late February 1943


 Panzer III Ausf. H, Nr. 100, 1./Pz.Abt. 18, 18 Pz.Div., Velikie Luki/USSR, Spring 1943

 Panzer IV Ausf. F2(G), Nr. 311, 3./Pz.Abt. 160 (I. 18 Pz.Div), 60 Pz.Gren.Div. Operation Blue, 28 June 1942

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