German Tanks, panzer book No III - The work in progress:

14 July, during this week I have been making panzer IV:s for my new panzer book. In all I have to date made 20 profiles, close to a third of the panzers included in the new book. Next week I will make the last of this type and then get going on the Panzer III.

28 july, I have taken som time off from my profile-making during the last week, however today I will make the last and tenth Panzer IV for the new book, a J subtype from 3rd Panzer Division.

4th of August. All Panzer IV is by now made. The next panzer in line is the Panther, starting with an IR equipped version.

11th August, During the week I have manage to make six Panther and two Panzer IIIs for the book. One of the new panzers made is the "White 100" from 1.Pz.Abt.18, from 18th Pz.Div, (please note that this is not the final version of White 100).

18th August, I have manage to make another three Panzer III, three Panthers, and one Jagdpanther four Tigers I, including the Tiger I S20 below from Panzerregiment "Grossdeutschland", (please note that this is not the final version of S20).

25th August, last week I have made an additional six Panthers, including 703 below and five Tiger I for my upcoming panzer book. Next week I will do the final originals, in all 12 more panzer profiles, (please note that this is not the final version of 703).

1st September, This week I have made eight new pazer profiles for the upcoming book, Six Stug IIIs, one Panhter and finally one Tiger II. Next week I will finish the profile work by making five additional panzers. Thereafter I'm ready to write the profile captions. Please check out one of the StuG IIIs made below.

8th September, Finally all panzer profiles is made including some 10 made by me earlier that I have been updated, in all 64 profiles. The newly made panzers made during the week incudes four Tiger IIs One Tiger I and two Panthers. One of the Tiger IIs that was made is 502 below.

15th September, I have been working on the headers for the 64 panzer captions, trying to figure out what unit, time and place for each end every profile, by others.

22nd September, I have been working on the captions for the 64 panzers 1ncluded in the book, placing them in time order.

27th September, Its my birthday today, so I'm of for another researchtrip to Germany, back to the grid after 7th October . Cheers!

8th October, I'm back from a really interesting trip to Germany, by others planning new book prodjects. After clear my desk I will get going on the captions for the new panzer book, unfortunatly due to the much longer and more into depth texts in this book I have to delay the publishing date to late November early December. Sorry for that!

Below follows a selection of six of the 64 panzer profiles included in my next profile book:

A Tiger II, Nr. 502, from s.Pz.Abt. 501 Baranow/Poland, captured by the Soviet 36th Army on 13 August 1944

A StuG III. G, Nr. 213, from an (so far) unknown unit/Poland, Summer of 1944

Panther Ausf. G, Nr. 703, I./Pz.Abt. 16, Hampteau road/Belgium, 3 january 1945


Tiger I Ausf. H, Nr. S20, SS-13./Pz.Div. Grossdeutschland, Reschetilowka/USSR, late February 1943


 Panzer III Ausf. H, Nr. 100, 1./Pz.Abt. 18, 18 Pz.Div., Velikie Luki/USSR, Spring 1943

 Panzer IV Ausf. F2(G), Nr. 311, 3./Pz.Abt. 160 (I. 18 Pz.Div), 60 Pz.Gren.Div. Operation Blue, 28 June 1942

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