Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-8

Yellow 4, flown by an unknown pilot in, 9./JG 11, Minsk-Süd/USSR, late June 1944

On 28 June the III./JG 11 arrived at Minsk-Süd for deplyment on the Eastern Front. The Gruppen was led by Hauptmann Horst-Günher von Fassong and the 9 Staffeln was led by Oberleutnant Herbert Planer.

As a Home defence Gruppe its ineresting to compare the number of victories to the number of losses during thier deplyment in the East. No less than 129 abschusse was claimed up to September 1944 for an own loss of 23 Fw 190, 11 of them in aircombat.

During the same period in the West the II./JG 11 claimed a meager 15 Allied aircraft for an own loss of 18 Bf 109s, 15 of them was lost in Luftkamph.

Note that markings and overpaintings of this Fw 190 is similary to the ones used during this time in the Reichvertieidigung (Home Defence). Note also that the W.Nr. is a best guess due to the quality of the photo original.

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