Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-2

White 8, W.Nr. 20201 from 4./JG 26, Flown by Feldwebel Adolf Glunz, Abbeville-Ducat/France, 5 August 1942

During this day Fw. Glunz flown in this machine one routine patrols and Alarmstarts. RAF had launched considerable air activity over the chanell this day, but did not cross the French coast and no claimes was filed by JG 26. Glunze would file his next abschusse, No 21 fourthteenth days later on 19 August when he shot down a Spitfire North of Dieppe at 10:28 during the Allied amphibious assault, the "Operation Jubilee". However this claim was later not accepted by the RLM and not included i his total.

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