Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-4

Black 11, Flown by Leutnant Wilhelm Godt, 8./JG 2, Brest-Guipavas/France, February 1943

Under the command of Hauptmann Bruno Stolle, Lt Willhelm Godt would on 30 December 1942 score his first abschuss, a USAAF B-17 4-engine bomber. 19 days later on 18 January 1943 he would file his second, a Spitfire from RAF 19 Sqn downed over north-west of Brest.

It was after this kill he was photografed toghether with his friend Fw. Rudolf Eisele, both is seen inspecting a wooden model of a Spitfire made by one of the "Black men". Rather appropriate as both pilots had claimed a Spitfire in January when also Fw. Eisele manage to down his 9th on 29th.

Godth would score his third, a Whirlwind 40 km west of Brest on 14 April. His forth and final abschüsse would fall before his guns on 30 July, another B-17. However his Fw 190 A-6 was damaged in the clash and went down at Willemsdorp/Holland.

Lt Willhelm Godt woud fly his last combat mission on 27 August when attacking 8th USAAF 386th & 322nd Bomb Groups when they bombed Poix Nord and Rouen. By then he had joined the 10./JG 2 and hit by the bombers return fire, his A-6, W.Nr. 530137 was seen crash and explode on inpact at Notre Dame-de-Gravenchon/France.

Note the peronal badge of Willhelm Godt under the cockpit of his A-4.

This profile is one of seven made by me this week, four Fw190 As, one Me 262 and two additional Me 410s.

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