Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-5 Y

Green X, W.Nr. 410054, flown by General Walther Grabmann, 3. Jagddivision, Deelen/Holland, November 1943

In 1924 when Walter Grabmann was 19 years old he joined the Police force, learning to fly and serving with the Luftpolizei (Air Police). From September 1938 to March 1939 Major Grabmann was Commander of JG 88 with the German Condor Legion in Spain. During this conflict he flew 137 combat missions claiming a total of six abshusse. His first three on 23 September 1938, when he bagged a I-15, a I-16 and a SB-2. On 10 October he claimed another SB-2 and five days later, on 15 October he claimed an I-16, his final victory in Spain was filed on 4 January 1939 when he downed another I-15.

After returning to Germany Grabmann held a number of commanding officer positions, first in the elite I./LG 1 and then later he became the Kommandeur of another elite unit, the Bf 110 equipped ZG 76.

He was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 14 September 1940. Grabmann was credited with a further 6 victories during World War II - one during the Battle over France and another five during the Battle of Britain, claimed in about 110 combat missions. However Walter Grabmanns flying career was not just one-sided, WIA when his Bf 110 was hit by a by Polish PZL P.11 fighter and on 15 April when he was shot down by a RAF Hurricane while flying a low-level attack on Doual airfield. He parachuted to safety (his gunner Fw. Krone was however killed) and when landed Grabmann was promptly captured by the French.

In August 1942 Grabmann took up his first Staff appointment as the Fighter Leader for the Holland area (Jafü Holland). During this time Grabmann flew this Fw 190 A-5 "Green X", W.Nr. 410054 as his personal mount. In November 1943 Grabmann became Commander of the 3. Jagddivision and then, in April 1945 the 1. Jagddivision. Finally after the war General Major Grabmann was taken POW by the British and was held in captivity for three years, from June 20 1945 until 17 May 1948. Walter Grabmanns passed away in Munich on 20 August 1992, credited with a total of 12 victories achieved in a around 247 combat missions.

The 3. Jagddivision, was one of the primary divisions of the German Luftwaffe in World War II. The unit was from mid September 1943 based in Deelen in Holland. During this period the 3. Jagddivision was subordinated to the I. Jagdkorps under the command of Luftwaffenbefehlshaber Mitte. And from February 1944 the 3. Jagddivision, still under the command of the I. Jagdkorps was to be subordinated the Luftflotte Reich.

Please note that this machine has a Morane mast for the FuG 16 ZY under its wing, it was also equipped with a FuBI 2 arials under the rear fuselage, a instrumental landing system antenna (the same arial arrangement used by the Bf 110). and that the IFF antenna is situated between the FuBI 2 arials.

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